Queen @90

She is now at 90,
Elisabeth the queen
Of England, the palace and
The commonwealths of the
Common poor and vintage rich,
Happy birth-day dear Elisabeth,
You have conquered nine decades,
In the true spirit of a royal lioness,
Power of your royal will and reason
Of your persistences, the protégé
Of your expensive choices, you
Garland Alexandra of Albert and Liz,
God keep you well and be really well
Beyond the times of nine tailed by zero,
As you have been bestriding space & times,
both the unctuous and the undulated,
From the horrible wars of the roaring
Twenties and thirties to the spine chilling
Forties to the nineties frozen by cold war,
You read, you danced and dined with Soviets,
Your fibers staid and tough remained in all these,
Slavery never was to you an eye sore, even plight
Of those with black skins and white masks,
As they toiled and moiled in the hot days
Of Americas and in the dark colonial farmlands,
Europe has been your stool and Africa
Your carpet, cozying your soft feet on
African archipelago, yoking it with
Your brutal fists of colonial power,
Lands from where firewood for
Your hearths and inglenooks in palace
Gloriously came minus fall of the royal ax,
Alexandra alias Elisabeth II now at 90,
I beg for your ears and your heart,
It is the sweat, the blood, the soils,
The waters, the tears, fears and deaths of the
Poor sons and daughters of the Blackman,
That has kept the greatness of your Britain
Amaranthine, your 90 years
Comes from nowhere else but
From sweat and broken black backs
Of the colonized and buckled Africa,
Search in your soul for coals of contrite
And be a comrade in arms with Africa
To mourn her dead past raped to death
By madness imperious of your foremen,
(Alexander Khamala Opicho
From Lodwar, Kenya)
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