The Meaning of Our Friendship!

By Melanie Miller

The true meaning of our friendship means we hardly ever dispute.

The meaning of our love is wonderful to boot!
We care for one another and always listen to each other.

There is never a time, that I don't think about you...and our love.

You wore sent from the heavens' sweet
and you swept me right off my dainty feet!
You're a dream come true, yes tis' true and you always...

wipe away all the saddness and blue.
There is none other in this world like you.
No one can hold a candle to you, and no one can compair to you, my gentle prince.

If anyone tried to tear us apart, or you ever left me, I would be torn apart.

You are the answer to all my prayers.
You're the reason I live and breath.
You're every hope and dream, I could ever ask for and more.

You are my 'shining star' and you are by far...the greatest love, I have ever known in my life,

and I am proud to be your wedded wife.
You're the angel in my eyes and I realize that we are meant to be together forever and ever more.

Love is the key to happiness, I know and we have grown together and we know that love shall always,

await for us. We just have to open that door each and every time and we will see a mountain of love awaiting for only us..

and we may climb that mountain together and swim the ocean together as one.

You are my sun and moon and you walk with me under that pale moon light.

Together we shall take that magickal flight and unite as one and be happy and feel contentment in our hearts and souls,

and just realize, I am your woman for all times and you are my man for all times to come.

We will always be in love and feel honest devotion for one another, so always stay with me, and let's be care free and glad...

in our hearts, that we have one another, and we will see a futuristic time and place that none other has ever been to before.

So let's drink a toast to our 'special love' and let's share memories of a past gone by and take that magickal flight with me every day and night.

You are the world to me and I am your dreams' desire, and only you can make that special glow in my heart and only you can kindle that fire!

the end...