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Parents & Guardians: Please Try

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In the name of everything that is good,I humbly appeal to parents and guardians to pay close attention to their children and make sure they undergo a proper medical check-up at least,once at the end of every term(for primary and Secondary school). The same gesture is also reasonably fit to be extended to their counterparts in the higher institutions of learning. You may be investing thousands and even millions of naira in the academic development of your child but what you don't know is that one senior student in that school is using your child as a sex toy.

When your child is being used as a sex toy in school by a senior(or even a teacher), he/she may not tell you because the trust is not there. Even if the trust is there,the child will be filled with fear as to what your reaction will be when he/she tells you about it. They end up not opening up nor telling you anything. That is the basics of breeding many homosexuals, lesbians,sex perverts,e.t.c in our society. And if your child is attending a boarding secondary school,you have a lot of work to do. Creating that strong bond of trust between you and your child is paramount. When this trust is lacking or has been breached,your daughter can be a devil in sheep's clothing but you will never know.

At the end of every term like I said at the beginning,try and get a proper medical check-up for your child. As Martin Beck Nworah(MBN),I would suggest that in addition to visiting a proper medical facility for the test,also get a psychologist to speak with your child. These are standard measures to make sure you are aware of both the health and mental state of your child. When you know all these things,it will be easier for you to know when your child is being sexually molested in school or when the sexual orientation is distorted. Also,you will know the areas of life your child needs more attention and see how you can help. With the advancements in science and technology, if you don't take the bull by the horn in the training of your child, the social media will do that for you.

I have spoken with many young people between the ages of 10 and 18. Some of them have huge psychological burdens they have hidden from their parents and family for long. They are afraid of being judged or taken as the outcast in the family. They rather seek refuge in their friends and that senior who tells her that the world is wicked. What happens? You'll end up training a lady that does not know her right from her left,she'll end up becoming a mother and the cycle continues. The same lot applies to the male child. Confused adults giving birth to children they can't train or handle.

If you are very strict as a father or mother,always tell your children that you are there for them. Make them trust you and not fear you. The more they open up to you about their life,the better equipped you are to help in training them. Our society is becoming more draconian as days go by; I am of the opinion that you would not want the streets to train your child for you. As a conversationalist,I am always willing to help in talking with your child and see ways to decipher what is going on in his or her life.

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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