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18, 19 or 20 IN ANAMBRA STATE

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My fellow young citizens, as we keep enjoying our soft work and anticipate the release of Phyno’s Sophomore album soon, I wish to welcome you into the ages of majority. Back in 2013, you were 17, 16 and 15 respectively. But by next year, many of you who are passionate about Anambra State will obtain your voter card and will be ready to exercise your democratic franchise for the first time in your life.

As Martin Beck Nworah, it gives me joy to see you get to this stage. Plus, at least while asking a lady out, you can inform her you are a registered voter in this state…"she might still not give you her number shaaa."

When Wizkid released his single “holla at ur boy” while he was still a teenager less than 8 years ago, many people especially the old players in the Music Industry felt he had nothing to offer because he was a kid…Wizkid. But today, he has proved them wrong, done a wonderful one dance collaboration with Drake, put African pop on the world map and is on his way to win a Grammy.

In Anambra State, if you get involved now with the process of electing your leaders, you will be doing a great service to our future. Like Wizkid, they may write you off but I know with the over 1.2 million young people who crossed this age in Anambra State, 2017 is ours for the taking. Martin Beck Nworah is sure of that.

When Barack Obama set out as a young lawyer in his native American state, he never wanted to be a President. He honestly wished to be a part of the process and from what he said in his book, Dreams from my father, he earnestly wished to make the best of the opportunities given to him. Today, a new opportunity has been presented to us as youths in all ramifications of life to get involved.

By next year, I will be voting in my fourth election and I am still in my early twenties. I got lucky to vote immediately I turned 18 for the first time because it was an election year. I was encouraged by many adults to become a part of the process and join my voice; I obliged. Now, I don’t bother about the girlfriends and money, I am a principle shareholder in this state by virtue of my democratic rights.

It is a rare privilege that I want you to grab when INEC starts registration. Our state needs you. You are not too young to make a difference in this polity. You are what we need to give meaning to these efforts by our forebears who sacrificed so much to give us a better life today.

I know you will say your vote won’t count or you hate politics. If Wizkid had said his music won’t count, he won’t be the baba nla we know today. If you never fell in love, you won’t know the feelings you had for that sweetheart of yours. And don’t say you hate politics, because it will always shape your future and that of your loved ones. As Martin Beck Nworah, I pray you to pay attention to happenings in and around you. When the time comes, get registered and become a part of the process. Obtain your voter card and hold it jealously as you would hold a precious gem. When the time comes, you will be better informed to make a choice.

Olamide badoo gave Lil Kesh the opportunity to progress and grow under him because he wanted to be a part of the game and influence sounds from the streets. Timaya gave Patoranking the opportunity to blossom because Pato was sincere about contributing his quota in shaping the dancehall music.

Adekunle Gold blossomed under Olamide and gave us sweet love songs. Korede Bello is growing under Don Jazzy and is a part of the process. Dearest young bloods, we must be a part of the process in Anambra State to grow and become better. Martin Beck Nworah is definitive when it comes to our opportunities; they are limitless and boundless.

So stand in front of your beautiful mirror and make this promise to yourself as you turn 18, 19 or 20; my voice shall matter and from now, I will be a part of the process by lending my voice to the growth of the polity. And when the time comes, I will get registered as a voter in my sweet Anambra State. If you made this short resolution, welcome onboard. When we pay our dues, we shall be welcomed to drink at the table of men.

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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