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​What Has Changed In Bayelsa And What Should Not Change?

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Having taken the summary of what happened in Bayelsa over the weekend, I have come to an understanding. Decampers from the ruling Party PDP like their spokespersons during the rally insist that nothing has changed in Bayelsa since Restoration came to power. So they promise change. If indeed something has changed, then they have misjudged the people.

In that case they are bringing change under a false premise that nothing has changed. In other words they want to change change which translates to returning Bayelsa to the Status Quo Ante. There are many false premises they build this movement. the first is thinking that Bayelsans are still ignorant as before,that they still fall for titbits while handing over their wealth to the thrower. They still think that Propaganda and rumours have a primacy of place.

So they come back from Abuja laden with bags of money having placed the state on a dry your pocket run for a while so that as usual the people will be so angry and hungry as to accept anything. I will tell you how they made the State poor by exploiting their positions at the federal and State levels just to prove that Restoration is not good enough,maybe much later. But first on the false premises and its likely boomerang on December 5 Governorship Elections in the State.

Meanwhile while they plotted and calculated on the poverty strategy, they failed to see that like Senator Ben Bruce hinted to us lately that Bayelsa State has moved from one of the most Educationally backward states to the State with the Most literate male in Nigeria in just three years because of Governor Dicksons "Education, Education Education " that declared a state of emergency in Education building and renovating 400 schools plus so much more, literaly elevating the state of the Bayelsan mind as well as the Bayelsan environment to the point that the State was made spiritually lighter and safer distance from the weighty clouds of uncertainty and doubt and therefore moved physically higher in level above sea level while the climate changed.

They did not partake in this but continued to nurse a homogeneous group of dissenters whose eyes were mercifully closed to the Revolution that was happening because you can only see when you believe not the other way round. So they remained outside the statistics quoted by the Distinguished Senator and continue to plan with the outdated strategy. when it came to holding a "mega" rally,they discovered that Bayelsans were no longer gullible as before so they needed to tell lies ,deceive,bandied names of Vice President in order to assure the defectors that they were doing the right thing.

Then faced with a big shock of general apathy towards their money promises;they discovered that indeed things have changed. What an auspicious time to find out. However, in order to recreate a more favorable atmosphere,having held down the regular press,they needed to disorganize the Bayelsa Social Media team by sending in virus and other immoral means. Then they needed a quantum of people who think alike,after trying unsuccessfully to mobilise enough youths from campuses,the football fields and militant circles, they sent buses to bring in people as far as Ishan, and all the 10 Southern States.

Unfortunately for them these youths met a peaceful,cooperative government machinery so there was no need to bring forth violence. The cash went round and flowed once again out of the State as expected and the dust was cleaned off and peace and progress returned to Yenagoa. As it stands now even the lighter spiritual atmosphere has returned to Bayelsa to the extent that expected flooding may not have a big impact in Bayelsa because the environment has become higher, and the people more informed of what has changed and firmly convinced about what should not change as they are always kept abreast of events in real time.

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