Gov. Okorocha Is Speaking In Tongues

In the New Testament of the Bible, speaking in unknown tongue is said to be one of the fulfilled promises of Jesus Christ-The earthly Messiah. This has been over criticized by different Christian organization, group and denomination.

In the Bible, the Apostles and those who they preached to accept Jesus Christ as their lord and personal savior all spoke in tongues. The Bible reports, “And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues, as the spirit gave them utterances……And they were all amazed and marveled saying one to another, behold, are not all these which speak Galileans? And how hear we everyman in our own tongue, wherein we were born”. Acts 2:4-7.

The controversy inherent in speaking in tongues of our own new generation churches today which the orthodox churches criticize and abhor is the fact that what is been spoken as tongues have no meaning and linguistic impact upon the listeners. Those critics infer that anyone who speaks in tongues if he is an igbo man, must be able under divine auspices and auction to speak French or Latin without studying same in school. Meaning that a Yoruba or Hausa person, who speaks in unknown tongue, should be able to speak Effic or Igbo language without studying it- To them this is speaking in tongues as is evident in Acts of the Apostles.

Without going further on the argument for and against speaking in tongues, it is imperative to assert here that under normal and intellectual circumstances speaking in tongue should be within the sphere of Naphology which is an intellectual umbrella that x-rays issues on all manner of phenomena and events which are reported to exist or to have happened, but for which there exist no scientific explanation.

Many natural phenomena, events, and occurrences within the domain of religion which at one time were mysteries and were a source of fright and awe to man have already been scientifically explained. Lightning and thunder for instance, were once thought by men and primitive religious men to be caused by angry gods. Today and with the advance of science, however man discovered that lightning and thunder are natural phenomena. No extraordinary significance is now attached to either lightening or thunders hence it is the coming together of two different winds.

Esoteric science infers that Naphology fills in the vacuum left by the lack of scientific knowledge. Speaking in tongues is part of it. Some may disagree with me here as each and everyone is entitled to his opinion and thought; but the truth remains that speaking in tongue is an act of God designed to confuse the evil forces and to edify the church.

Relating this to the Governor of Imo state, one is tempted to infer that the present administration of Chief Rochas Okorocha is a thing that defies definition. Now and close to 100 days in office he is still speaking in unknown tongues which Naphologist cannot explain at all. Our governor has refused to conduct local government election for close to five years in office. What an abomination!

Imo people are confused now not knowing how to correct Gov. Rochas okorocha. I never knew that Imo could be affected by the dwindling and economic crash that affected other states. Imo is rich so I wonder why workers salaries are not paid. Though we all know how president Muhammadu Buhari gave a presidential aid in the form of financial bailout. Before this bailout, Gov Okorocha owed Imo workers and after the bailout Gov. Rochas Okorocha still owes Imo workers.

Though we do not know how much the bailout was but my major concern here is how Gov. Rochas Okorocha should continue to owe Imo workers who voted him into office the second time. Our great governor should curtail all unnecessary and ostentation expenses and concentrates on paying workers.

During electioneering campaign, Gov Okorocha promised Imo state of Job, factory, employment etc. How can he fulfill his promise when he cannot afford to pay workers as when due? Where is the evidence of factory, factory, factory and industry, industry, industry? Oh Gov. Okorocha spoke in tongues but people did not understand him at all.

The annoying situation is the fact that the teachers who he engaged under “Imo Youth Must Work” are being owed 11 months’ salary now. How do you expect to have the best results from our schools when the teachers are not paid? Who do we blame in this ugly situation that has engulfed us like harmatan wild fire? When you see the faces of Imo workers you will notice that some of them cannot afford a bar of soap to wash their coats. This ugly situation is alarming. What shall we do to get out of this?

In the midst of all these, Gov. Okorocha’s government recently embarked on demolition of what they call illegal structures. I am not against this but it should follow due process. Yes, due process should be followed in the sense that the government should have compiled the list of those who are to be affected by demolition and provide a better place for them with a little support to enhance their street business.

If Gov. Rochas was properly advised, he should have avoided this by this time because it will increase armed robbery and other related social vices. When will Gov. Okorocha learn how to do the real thing that will promote stability in his administration?

Things happening in Imo state appear to justify that everything is not alright at all. Few days ago at Warehouse Orlu road round about a mysterious snake reappeared in Owerri and consequently scared commuters and spectators. This may be interpreted to mean bad omen for Imo people. This big python mysteriously appeared on Thursday July 13th by 9am and was seen by many and was reported in some local news papers.

One of the local newspapers “Community Watchdog of july 14-16 2015 reports, “Remarkable as the development was it was not immediately known how the snake found its way into the road without any sign of its shadow or observed crawling……As if afraid of its fate in the hands of inquisitive commuters, the python instantly disappeared into thin air, before anyone could raise alarm or snake charmers could arrive at the spot to find out its mission…..A guess in the affirmative may not be farfetched as it is in the right direction. Cases of ritual killing, kidnapping for ransom, armed robbery and electoral malpractice, are the order of the day in Imo state…”

The above report reflects the activities of a state where the state chief executive speaks in tongues. Gov. Rochas should sit up to fight crime and avoid avenues of creating more by demolishing peoples source of income without replacing them . I have said my mind.

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