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Walter Duru
It sounds like a fairy tale. It looks too real to be true. The proponents may be seen as insane and unserious. Of course, they may not be reckoned with. But, history is repeating itself, as, right from creation, man has always rejected God. In fact, one of the characteristics of the presence of God is rejection. The world rejects Him because He is not of this world. Same shall they also do unto his children; but as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be, if man continues in his evil ways.

Every year, for over a decade now, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, a universal spiritual organization, introduces one highly spiritual mega event, signifying a particular chapter in the records of God's plans for the world.

Last year, the Salt of the Earth was celebrated. In 2013, The Hidden Manna was celebrated, among others. This year, 2015, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star celebrated The 'Powerful Remnant', another highly spiritual event that shall remain evergreen in the minds of many.

The week-long event, with the theme: “……Truthfully upholding the testimony of Christ, held from the 30th of March to the 4th of April, 2015 at the Brotherhood World Headquarters, Ambo Street, Calabar attracted hundreds of thousands of the brethren from all parts of the world.

The Powerful Remnant, a highly spiritual event was specially designed to fortify the children of God ahead of the calamities that will soon befall the earth.

The event was to prepare believers for the danger ahead, because, according to the leader of the Fold, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, “It does not matter how many souls will truthfully uphold the testimony of righteousness. At the sound of the seventh and last trumpet, it does not also matter how many people God will find on earth still having faith in His operations.”

In his welcome address at the grand finale, leader of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu described the event as a highly spiritual exercise designed to introduce the last trumpet whose sound will initiate God's judgement upon all God's creatures.

Hear him: “The event, as you are aware, aside all others held since the physical inception of the BCS on earth is designed to introduce the last trumpet whose sound will initiate the height of God's judgement upon all things created; this being as a means of exterminating all manner of evil and wickedness from the surface of the earth, while revealing the obedient and God-fearing that will uphold the righteous will and edifying testimony of Christ, the Author and finisher of the fate of all things created and uncreated.”

“Already, the influence of this event has long set in motion, the perilous times written about. This has made evident in the chaos and destruction pervading the various systems of the nations of the world. Therefore, the event is meant to reshape the life of all believers, as well as reorder the traditions of this world to align with the divine expectations of the New World Order, following the declaration and institutionalization of the Unified Universal Theocracy. To this effect therefore, everyone who has seen the Father and have been taught by Him and have read or heard about the lives and times of the Christ and that of the Holy Father at this close of age are enjoined herein to seek for the black goat while it is yet day, for the night comes so quickly, when no man can see.”

No doubt, the judgement of God is imminent and only those that honour and fear Him and love the brethren shall abide to witness His glorious and eternal reign on earth.

In his goodwill message, the Brotherhood Secretary, General Affairs, Bishop B.W. Degi, thanked God for the privilege, describing the present human generation as lucky.

According to him, “We are truly a lucky generation and chosen people. How sweet it is to be called and counted as the Remnant, the elect of the Father, especially when viewed against the background of the world's demographic records which put the world population at about 7 billion people.”

“Moments like this call for self appraisal of our relationship with the Father and to seek the spirit in greater measure to enhance our consciousness and raise standard of service to God.”

He therefore charged humanity to refrain from evil and surrender to the will of God.

Also in his remarks, Chairman, Central Planning Committee of the event, Bishop Bassey Imowo expressed gratitude to God for the success of the event.

He expressed regrets over the unrepentant nature of man and prayed for God's mercies.

“Despite your admonitions, man has continued to, in utter disregard to your teachings and violation of the laws of nature which is now threatening the very existence and survival of humanity.”

“As man, we are frightened by the ominous messages imparted by each sound of the seven trumpets which brings desolation and wrath upon the earth. However, our only consolation is that, as your children, we know that each sound of the trumpet also heralds the Divine intervention of God in the affairs of man and the gradual evolution of the Kingdoms of this world into the Kingdom of Jehovah God and His Christ.”

Earlier in a statement, Spokesman of the Fold, Bishop Princely Ibeabuchi described the event as a universal invitation to salvation to humanity and all things created by God.

“The event targets all creations of God in the quest of salvation. It is also a universal invitation to salvation to humanity and all things created by God. This is the time the whole world has been waiting for without a clue. It may sound very strange and incredible but it has happened before in the days of Noah and Lot and that has been properly documented for the remembrance of humanity irrespective of tribe, race, religion or distance.”

“Powerful remnant is not for everybody but those who have chosen to identify with the living God so that they will be saved. Let the spirit talk to you. It is guaranteed that in this time of peril, no evil or destruction will befall the true children of God who keep His commandments. He has decided to cover them with his powerful spiritual umbrella in this perilous time, as the revelation of John the Divine is fulfilled,” Ibeabuchi explained.

The event which boosted the Cross River State economy had almost all the Hotels in the state fully booked, while other businesses flourished.

Acknowledging the significance of the event to the economy of the state, the Cross River State government commended Brotherhood of the Cross and Star and pledged the readiness of the government to continue to partner with the Fold.

In a letter of felicitations, signed by Eyo Okpo-Ene, Special Adviser to the governor on religious matters, dated 23rd March, 2015, the government counted the gains of the presence of Brotherhood in the state and prayed for her continued support.

“In the past 14years, this spiritually enthralling event has continued to pull in worshippers in their hundreds of thousands to our state capital from Europe, the Americans and the rest of the world, and of course, the rest of Nigeria. This has in no small measure, impacted positively in the socio-economic development of Cross River State, as well as government's tourism efforts.”

“We identify with your organization in your numerous contributions to the economic, social, religious and infrastructural development in the state, even as this mega-event continues to reflect on the growth of our society”.

The highlights of the event include the sacred ordinances: the explosive praise exhibition where the cherubs met the Seraphs; the Offering of the Temple of Sacrifice and the Feast of Preservation, Spiritual Procession by the 144,000 Virgins, among others.

A critical look at the implications of the event shows that it is indeed, no joke. With the rising crises in the entire universe defying any clear solutions, human knowledge, no doubt has failed and this is a warning that it is an act of God. These problems will continue to multiply and aggravate, unless God intervenes.

Since creation, the world has witnessed several upheavals at one time or another, in God's attempt to reclaim the world. We recall the deluge in which Noah was derided for 100 years and in the end, only him and seven members of his family survived. The eight of them constituted the remnants at the time. In the days of Lot, the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were reduced to ashes; even Lot's wife, as a result of disobedience, turned into a pillar of salt to this day. As Lot informed his sons in-law about the impending destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Bible said. “But he seemed as one that mocked unto his sons in law (Gen. 19:14)”. They too did not heed him and were destroyed with others. Lot and his two virgin daughters survived that inferno as the remnants. The rest of the crowd who did not care about God was condemned, while the minority was saved.”

The situation in the world today is more precarious, as majority of the brethren masquerading as agents of Christ and custodians of the Word are hypocrites. Indeed, they are thieves and robbers; derailing the children of God. In fact, religion has become part of the problem of the world today, rather than a solution; with different people interpreting the Scripture as it favours them.

That notwithstanding, God remains the ultimate solution to the myriads of problems of the earth. Only those that keep his commandments shall be saved.

Thank God for graciously making me a Powerful Remnant!

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