‘Religious Excessity’ and the Woes that Betides Humanity

Everything in life, even Love, has to be done with some quantum of moderation. Every 'Excessity' –as I have chosen to call it- in a man can be classified as a disorder or a symptom of it. Accordingly, this understanding extents to the argument, by some viewers, that our Love of God should be taped with some linen of moderation and adjusted to the glaring tone of reality.

Yet we cast these views away by our religious indisposition and over-dosage. 'Religious Excessity' may simply mean a state of being overly proportionate or irrational in our ideas, thoughts, actions and general take on a religion that holds our belief or in the God we claim to serve.

The proposition is best put this way; 'Religious Excessity' as we have in today's world or term is being evidently expressed through glorified insurgents groups like BH, Al-Shabaab &ISIS- to mention a few- that have plagued our society with bloodshed, violence and etched it with bitterness. Yet, these aren't the only champions of this scourging phenomenon as every religion have theirs and they grow in the tendency to always have more. The Christians have theirs as unnecessary noise making, Spiritual obesity, and 'men of god' idolization, amongst others. Other religion has theirs in bounty quotas as well, however violent, moral, or psychological.

As such, we ought to remind ourselves that when a baby is born, the mentality is neither Christian, Muslim, Buddhist nor even that of an atheist. That is to say, we are first humans before religion personnel. Religion, though we may be taken over the bar, is merely our spiritual claim or confession but humanity is a creation of the highest order to fill this 'Sci-spiritual' vacuum or product we call world.

Again, history- in repetition- have reverentially explained and mirrored the chunk of good humanity virtues and values that have been lost to the venomous hand of 'Excessity' though camouflaged sometimes in a psychological expression termed Personality Disorder which could take variant tones and coloration.

However, religion which is supposedly a spiritual gateway and cross-examination route to redeem ourselves and our lost lot, according to some chronicles of spirituality, is not a closed-end subject. We ought to consciously extend the hose of this supine subject it leave it open ended for the penetration of the neutral gas of humanity to fill-in; so that the air-pressure in the balloon of our society be balanced for guaranteed stability as opposed the spiritual density that has possibly made a multipliable headway for the global chaos and has copiously precipitated a reign of terrorism in the in hotbed part of the world today.

Whence, while repentance is to religion and redemption is the promised, moderation is to humanity that peace might be promised for society.

PS: This, however, is not to put out the fire of my hypothetical truth that Christianity is the only(true) hope for humanity but to shine more light on the shadow of the subject matter especially in these dark times -tough we are centuries years ahead of the dark ages.

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