Between Presidents Jonathan And Obasanjo

The news has it that there are nocturnal meetings between the failed Military and pseudo Military leaders who have been unsuccessful in transmuting to civilian leaders and lastly they appear to have sent out "our dear" President Obasanjo to deliver their verdict: That as expected they did not consider the Performance of the current President as up to their expectation.What they did not say is how much sabotage they have woven to bring this about and what really they are looking for. We know already that they prefer someone who would extend their oil well licenses by 2016.

I remember vividly prior to 1999 when PDP was riding very high under Dr. Alex Ekwueme's leadership at formative stages. The debate was whether Ekwueme the democrat could work with the then all powerful military. There was also consideration that Western Nigeria had to be appeased for losing Abiola with the annulment. Some of us who were Presidential Aspirants at SDP before Abiola and before the controversial option A 4 was imposed on "us"as the "Military's choice" knew that what was happening would also become unsustainable.

Some of us withdrew participation. I remember when the General was introduced to unfairly "take over" the rising political capital built by Ekwueme and how this anomaly introduced the "Money Factor" in politics to enable it take root.

Votes appeared to have been bought with bags of the stuff openly. Some of us felt that this mad rush into "Diarchy" was unsustainable and today we all know better. So we decided to support President Jonathan because he was a true civilian and his presidency would give true democracy chance to take root. After all why move from Military rule if it was indespensible?

The foundations are being laid today but the Military Complex are still fighting him to prove that he is not doing well. Their dubious yardstick is the same past we want to move away from!! They are misusing the same intelligence machinery we betrothed to them to use to ensure that an elected President succeeds in office and simply for this reason they are taking the masses for a ride !! Now I ask you if indeed the Past pseudo Military leaders did well why would we be talking about transformation of the entire system? President Jonathan has not arrived at the ideal we all seek but we cannot go back to being dictated to by Boko Haram Apologists who have no faith in One Nigeria.

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