Imo CP Ready For Action In ‘Ember’ Month

God in the biblical book of Genesis, commanded the primordial man to “increase and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it.” Many today have given varied interpretations to this Eternal order. Their different understandings and interpretations point to the fact that the Eternal order had some nuances of meanings to the contemporary mankind. These nuances in turn point to common originator questions: “Increase and multiply what?” “Subdue or have dominion over the earth, from which angle?”

Polypediacs and polygynists see in the Eternal order, a command to fill their apartments with children and women, beyond their caring capacities and control. Miracle hawkers see in it, an order to proliferate assemblies onto God's presence. Religious and political schismatics see in it, an injunction to continually decamp and form their own church-denominations and political parties.

Hungry authors and pirates see in it, an order to fill the markets with substandard products. Atomic physicists and anti-humanist technologists see in it, an order to ensure unceasing advancements in technological products that destroy the dignity of human life. War equipments dealers see in it, an order to simulate crisis, instigate and sponsor insurgents in order to profit from it through supplies of war equipments. Some Media men obey it by feeding the masses with dishes of lies. “Hungry” lawyers see in it an opportunity to advocate bails for the supposed to be condemned and thus fill the society with unrepentant rogues, bloodhounds and deviants.

The twin injunction, “subdue or dominion over it,” is more misunderstood by an obscured contemporary Nigerian who sees nothing wrong in the aberration of traditions, in desecrating taboos, in turning humanity to poultry-existence (through kidnapping, baby factories operations, hired assassinations, human rituals and sacrifices, human parts laundry, etc). They are all species of the genera-clause: “subdue the earth” or “dominion over it.”

No single Imolite will not sincerely assert that Imo is not totally crime-free per say but has an objective maximum reduction of high-class crimes incidents as experienced in the State before now. The sort of peaceful aura in the State today, is the type that encourages foreign investors, our sons and daughters in Diaspora to return home without panicking, free-movement at any point of the day and due confidence of being safe at any time. So many prominent sons and daughters of Imo state who have not been coming home for fear of been kidnapped, have found peace bereft of fear as they come home some weekly and monthly to enjoy the fruits of their labour in their home state due to the effort of Mr. Ali the Imo CP in fighting crimes. What remains for CP Ali to do in Imo State today, is to end depravities amidst kinsmen and societal play-gods. A man of courage, who likes visiting the scene of crime with his ever-ready 'scorpion' team.' Courage according to Richter “consists not in blindly overlooking danger, but in seeing and conquering it.”

How I hate praise-singing but truth as the artist Lefvre said, is like a naked dame put on an elevation in the night, with floodlights all over her. Her nudity is ever unconcealed. Thus, you can only tell a blind that there is no oil in the soup and never that there is no salt. It is now becoming clear that CP Ali is not only fighting crimes and criminals in the State but also some unidentified beneficiaries who see in crisis and insurgence, true manifestations of Divine Providence- An unconditional subsistence-love lavished to both criminals and innocents.

His security-solutions and achievements in the State are far away from serendipity.

They are fruits of a well-informed, well-trained and dedicated field-worker Police leadership in the State. Recently the Police Command under the leadership of Mr. Abdulmajid Ali trained some special Police men called 'Special Response Squad' who are saddled with the responsibility of combating kidnapping, armed robbery, car snatching\theft, thuggery and cultism etc. He used the opportunity to warn the political class to refrain from acts of thuggery and political violence. The amazing thing was when Mr. Ali informed the general public of the readiness of the Police in dealing with issues that has given the entire Imo people sleepless night; that is the case of Imo security Net-Work.

In his words, “Let me also use this opportunity to warn all security networks, vigilante and every unconventional security outfit bearing firearms to surrender their arms to the Police Station nearest to them within two weeks from today. Any person or group of persons found with firearm after the expiration of this warning will be dealt with accordingly...” The assertion is not just a threat but a reality. Though the Police have not really changed so to say due to various extortions but different kidnapping gangs have been smashed by this Commissioner of Police.

The amazing thing in the achievement of these feats is not that the Police did it but that he leads the team himself in most cases. The spade of kidnappings and killings in Imo State, which rose very high before CP Kastina came, did his best and Mr. Ali consolidating the whole efforts and braking grounds by brainstorming on ways of solving the security problems. He has done very noble.

Mr. Ali is passing through sleepless nights, denying himself pleasures because of the security problems of the State. He is saddled with troubles on how to bring peace and security to lives and properties in Imo State. He is so worried because he has adequate security knowledge, and as a philosopher once said that “ignorance helps;” if somebody is ignorant of a solution, he does not border himself seeking for solutions. CP Ali himself is not ignorant of the solutions to the security problems of the State hence the big success recorded so far.

My own experience on the 20thof August 2014 at about 10:30pm when eight well armed (assassins) men stormed my house forcing my house hold to bring me made me know how ready the Imo police are to combat crime. They lay everybody face down and were asking of me to kill me. As the argument and discussion was going on my Police orderly called the police control room and within five minutes the Police men stormed my house in their numbers and overpowered the assassins and in a serious gun exchange four of them were killed one was captured alive others escaped. No harm was done to my house hold. The speed at which the Police responded to the distress call was amazing. Today the Imo police have shown serious commitment in crime fighting.

Another problem that disturbs the CP is the orthodox bribery that has for ages characterized the Nigerian Police Force. Like a “non-Nigerian Police Officer,” Mr. Ali frowns at bribery and corruption, and from my observations he loves the job so much. While discussing with a friend last week about the life and bureaucratic principles of zero bribery with which CP Ali is known, Prof. Mike Duru never wasted a second to exclaim, “A Police man abhorring bribery in Nigeria? Impossible! It is in their blood, how can the Police circulatory system work?” But that is Mr. Ali for you.

Exceptions are rare in cases of traits as he saw it, and it is only with rare gems like the Ali, Mohammad Abubakar, Kastina and very few others that might convince him that some virtuous Police Officers still work in Nigeria. It is also his type of personality that should be looked upon as role models, even though paragon of excellence in service is absolutely impossible, but Ali's Police Force service composition is an imitable personality, whose mindset, ingenuity and swiftness in action-responses is a typical sample for reformation and re-orientation for erring younger officers in the service.

Though Imo has not totally be ridded of the remaining minor crimes in the State, Ali in less than six months has calmed down several upheavals State-wise and restored peace, security and order in menaced societies. One can boldly state that if kidnapping was 95% before, it has been reduced to 30%, and the State is day to day moving on towards a crime-free human society, where lives and properties are well secured. What gives him greater trouble is to work and finish off the remaining percentage.

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