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Life is not all about the more you look, the less you see. Those who think of life in that manner have already misunderstood the principles of existence.

I wish to inform my reader here that magic as ingredient of idol worship goes back to antiquity. The gods of paganism and other religious cult and fraternity are incapable of establishing stability and security in any given society. This deficiency forced both gods and men to make use of magic- an inactive power independent of gods and men, but which could be activated by the aid of incantations and rituals in order to accomplish supernatural deeds.

Sumero-Akkadian and Canaanite religious literature amply attest the employment of magic by gods or demons to accomplish definite purposes. The Babylonian creation Epic (Enuma Elish) reports that in the struggle against the primeval pair, Tiamat and Apsu, the hero of the young generation of gods, Ea-Enki, killed Apsu with the aid of a spell which he recited. It was by virtue of his knowledge of effective spells and rituals that Ea-Enki had the title 'Lord of Incarnation' and was reputed to be the god of magic per excellence.

In the cosmic battle with Tiamat, Marduk, the champion of the gods, used among other weapons a 'red paste' which he held between his lips, red being the magic colour for warding off evil influences. Moreover, before proclaiming Marduk as their Chief god, the gods in assembly tested him to ascertain whether he possessed the requisite knowledge of magic, without which no god could rule supreme. By his spoken word he made a piece of cloth varnish and reappear (be restored).

Following the above magical experiment, Marduk was accepted to rule among the gods. Historians have argued that Eri was Ra who was also known in Babylon/Mesopotania as Marduk. Marduk was the war lord who was out to build a secret human army with which to take over the ruler-ship of gods and men as is evident in Enuma Elish and the Lost Book of Enki respectively.

Esoteric history has it that Marduk was a greedy god and his greed to take over the ruler-ship of the world prevailed which eventually led to the final nuclear war of 2,000 B.C which destroyed the great cities of that time, Sumer, Mohenjo Daro and many others whose names have been lust. Without bothering myself on the historical evidence on how Marduk began a lasting relationship with Abram of the Bible and how he took the name that is worship today in the world, it is imperative to inform my readers that what has kept every Imo person where we are today is the greed cum magical nature of Gov. Rochas.

The reason for all the historical record on Marduk is to educate mankind on how what is not real from the foundation can never be real at any point. Today following the entire political magical cantata initiated by the Imo political magician, our people are in different wars with poverty, difficulty, and hunger.

As a result of the above and this ugly experience, some political saviours have appeared to overturn the Okorocha's political culture in 2015 as the food set upon our various tables by this administration have become rotten and poisonous. Lies are told to cover many errors and these lies are on daily basis surfacing. If a particular lie is told, when it is revealed, another lies must be told to cover it. This is what the act of magic is all about in Imo state.

According to Aesop the great philosopher in one of his fables, he told a story that goes thus, 'Once upon a time all the rivers combined to protest against the action of the sea in making their waters salt. 'When we come to you, said they to the sea, 'we were sweet and drinkable but when once we have mingled with you, our waters became as briny and unpalatable as your own.' The sea replied shortly, 'keep away from me and you will remain sweet.'

In the material world of political error and zeal for opulence, one can generally tell a man's special field of investigation by the words which he uses carefully and carelessly. Brave actions never want a trumpet. When you are doing the right things, you will be aided by forces of light to continue but the superiority of falsehood over truth is but for a moment.

I sincerely want every reader of this article to know that evil and abominable things are speaking volume in Imo State. There are signs everywhere indicating that evil omen is politically sited with us today making evil to appear as good in order to destroy the legacy of democracy in Imo State. Yes, even the gods are very exasperated on the amount of 'evil-cratic' democracy in Imo State.

The fable according to Aesop, truly reflect the state of affairs in Imo State. Before Gov. Okorocha was brought in through the supplementary election, our waters were not salty at all but during his median broadcast, he promised to make our waters very salty, drinkable and sweet. On the contrary, our waters today are briny and unpalatable as our mingling with Rochas has produced hunch-back on all Imo citizens.

Our waters are dirty as a result everybody is sick! There is need to call Gov Rochas to order before it is too late. Okorocha's administration is an administration bereft of conscience and due process. Like all the rivers combined to protest against the actions of the sea in making their waters salty, Imo people through various channels have expressed their dissatisfaction over Rocha's administration. Our water is very undrinkable and briny. Our governor has done so many things that are making both the living and the dead uncomfortable.

Like the sea in the fable replied to the rivers ' keep away from me and you will remain sweet' in the same vein, Okorocha has told Imo people who are protesting against his administration to either stay away from Imo or allow him to accomplish his ignoble intensions. Shall i run away from Imo state because of Okorocha? Never! I am a stack-holder in Imo state, i shall see what becomes of this 21century Adolf Hitler who has come to fulfill the sayings of Christ as is evident in John 10:10.

So many things have happened to me ever since I embarked on exposing Rochas Okorocha. I have said it and will continue to say that Gov. Okorocha will not stop me from speaking the truth. His administration has done us much harm. A man full of selfishness can't stop at anything and as Martin Luther King, jr. would say, 'The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it'. I know that I can't do anything because I do not possess the government apparatus but it is for a while.

I am amazed at why any right thinking man could use intimidation to answer the question of the conscience. How could Okorocha use Imo like 'mgbada' thinking we are all mugus? A 'mugu' is a literal word for a fool. Why should Okorocha treat us like one? Are we blind? When you visit Gov. Okorocha's UNITY house in Abuja you will pity Imo. If Gov. Okorocha was into serious business before he became a governor as he claimed, why did all his workers desert the Unity house? Today all of them are at Imo government house applying Rochas family political philosophy of 'you chop I chop.' What are they chopping? Imo money of course; Okorocha is ruling Imo as a hungry and greedy man who does not allow his servants to pick a crumb from his table.

Our governor deserves to be probed. Today the story of road construction has become a hog-wash. In 2011 Gov. Okorocha paid N5.2 billion for projects like Akachi, Ecumenical Centre and up till now the state is yet to fill the impart of those projects and nobody has questioned Gov. Okorocha. Oh! Ole agbara Shiri-ihea- Which spirit is responsible for this? Imo people are behaving like people under esoteric and occult spell; even PDP is not a strong opposition because Okorocha's manipulation and smartness appears to be confusing them. You could imagine at Ama J.K recreation park, Gov. Okorocha claimed to be building a modern car park and has paid up to N1.2 billion for a project that we have not seen the impart. Yes, we have become governor Okorocha's Mugu. Why should God punish us this way? Is he not from Imo State, why should he delight in destroying the future of Imo people as if he is running away?

I cried and cried until I had no strength the day Okorocha was sworn in. Imo, I told you this before now and everything I said about Rochas, have been proved to be correct. At the front of the Ahiajoku center Okorocha is building 1000 flats for rentage and this project is executed by a Korean contractor and our governor has paid about N2 billion and you can't find up to N I million on ground. What about Orlu Stadium that he destroyed? Over N200 million was paid and you can't find N1.5 million on ground. Prince hotel in Orlu is another story, over N100 million was paid by Gov. Okorocha and up till now the hotel has not reached anywhere.

The one that makes me bilious is the issue of 27 General hospitals in Imo State where Okorocha paid N4.5 billion and some of the hospitals have not reached decking level. What about the Princes hotel at Okigwe? Gov. Okorocha paid huge sum of money to the contractor, about three months ago the structure fail down which informs what is truly going on in Okorocha's both road construction and all other sub-standard projects he claimed to have executed. The great magician!

I sincerely feel pity for those who are clapping for Gov. Okorocha for stealing our money with impunity. Imo belongs to us all and we must join hands to make Imo a more comfortable place to live. Gov Rochas, play your card well!

Prof. Nathan Protus Uzorma Email [email protected]

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