MSNBC and The Democratic Party remain Wimps and Might Impede the renewed Progressive Movement

Within the last two weeks the Republican Party and their cousins the Democratic Party decided to checkout of Washington DC without renewing the unemployment insurance for some regular folks that have remained out of work. But this callous act did not happen in a vacuum. Instead it has occurred during the retreat of the Democratic Party and MSNBC the somewhat network of chickening out liberals. Imagine the irony of kicking out Martin Bashir for saying something against Sarah Palin, the same former vice presidential nominee who is celebrated not just for her lack of rudimentary geography but for her expertise on racially prone politics.

While progressives have watched in horror the Dems have supported the Obama administration with the NSA scandal which is the trading in of individual and collective privacy for the mirage of security. The dissonance of honoring former social justice activists during the November 2013 Presidential Medal of Freedom awards whereas forcing contemporary activist and truth tellers into exile. Progressives have also sat in astonishment to view the debacle behind the rolling out of the Affordable Healthcare Act alias Obamacare.

One major question progressives are still pondering is why the liberals in the Whitehouse and Congress did not care enough to introduce the single payer plan. Instead “Obamacares” is a behemoth free market medical insurance scheme which subpar implementation has allowed Republicans to begin competing favorably in the upcoming 2014 elections. This is despite the fact that they hijacked the national economy by shutting down the government and are still threatening the global economy with default. The Republicans and their mouthpiece on Fox News and the right-wing radio industrial complex have persisted unapologetically.

But liberals are still fallen over themselves to throw in the white flag at every opportunity. Professor Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC and Tulane University feels the need to offer heartfelt apologies amidst the Republican war against the truth and the regular masses. Mr. Mitt Romney has an adopted African American grandson who most likely would be raised with love, power, and privilege. But the question remains who cries for the other poorer African American, Latino, and Caucasian children, families, and communities who are affected by the economic policies espoused and executed by the conservative machine.

When do we start shedding tears for those that are really affected by the war against the 47% of the population? The real victims of the 419ization of the American economy are those that are impacted by the outsourcing of jobs, income equality, and the offshoring of capital into hidden accounts abroad. The Progressives movement must be clear about the real sufferers and not be sucked into the whims of Republicans, Democrats, and liberals. Progressives on the streets and their allies in Congress such as Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren should not be distracted into becoming wimps in this golden age of the movement's revival.

Nnamdi F. Akwada MSW, BA is a Social Justice Activist

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