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While looking for evidence to debunk Naiwu Osahon's assertions about the inappropriateness of metropolitan (or modern baby) religions for my race, the Guardian newspaper, Nigeria, published on Monday November 7, 2005, an Israeli archaeologist's claim to have found the remains of an ancient church with mosaics bearing the name of Jesus Christ in ancient Greek language, along with fish mural and alter, in Megiddo prison, in Israel's northern Galilee region, after 18 months of digging using more than 60 prison inmates as labour. “The fish is an ancient Christian symbol and Megiddo is believed to be the New Testament's Armageddon, the site according to the Bible, of a final war between good and evil.”

As a matter of interest, fish facing opposite directions in circular motion represented the original religious trinity (of Ausar the Holy Ghost, Auset the original mother of Virgin Birth, and Heru the first son by Virgin Birth myth in history) 6,109 years ago in the African Mystery System. The Israeli church was only swapping the African Heru myth for the White race concoction christened Jesus Christ, after Emperor Constantine arbitrarily decreed Jesus Christ a deity at his Council of Nicaea of 325 CE, with his 'one substance with the Father creed'. Father in this lie equated with the 'Universal God as a Spirit,' whereas the original religious God the 'Father' myth, 4,425 years before Christianity, was the 'Ghost of God Ausar,' a Pharaoh.

The leader of the diggers, archaeologist Yotam Tepper, described the find as significant. “Normally, we have from this period in our region, historical evidence from literature, no archaeological evidence. Pietro Sambi, the Vatican's ambassador to Israel at the time, praised the find as a 'great discovery.' “Of course, all the Christians are convinced of the history of Jesus Christ,” (he told Channel Two Television in Israel, perhaps to contradict Naiwu Osahon's revelation, which had taken the world by storm) “but it is extremely important to have archaeological proof of a church dedicated to him. Certainly.”

Joe Zias, an anthropologist and a former curator with the Israeli Antiquities Authorities, said the discovery was significant but unlikely to be the world's oldest. “Christianity was outlawed until the time of Emperor Constantine in the fourth century, and there were no churches before then. The earliest it could be is fourth century and we have other fourth-century churches.”

Joe has answered my critics for me. I have nothing really to add, which I have not already said in many other ways in my write-ups on the issue of the lies about the physical human historicity of Jesus Christ.

The interesting thing as usual is that Israel is planning on moving the prison and opening the site as a tourist destination. And, of course, who are the tourists to such sites, gullible, ill informed, naïve, African fanatics of foreign religions. The White lie is so cheap, so unintelligent, so trite, it is silly responding to it but for the confused millions of African adherents.

'God' was asleep for the nearly a 100,000 years of human existence as Homo sapiens, and over 10,000 years of African religious domination of the world, until the Romans conquered Africa some 2000 years ago in 49 BCE. With White ascent in world's politics for the first time, 'God' suddenly woke up from his deep slumber and sent his only begotten son (a White child, of course) to redeem the world. Religion is racial politics for power and world domination, and not to be outdone, Asians countered the Caucasians with Buddha, and the Arabs followed suit with Muhammad.

Evidence abound that racists do not want us challenging their lies. They distort our history, lie about our contributions, but we are not supposed to talk about such things. How would others know they are hurting us if we keep bottling things up inside us? If the Jews had not screamed about their own sad plight in history, would anyone have noticed?

Racists' pastime is to accuse us, their victims, of reverse racism for reacting in any form, benign or otherwise. Racists only interest is for us to keep turning the other cheek. Well, we have done so for centuries and now both sides of our cheeks are sore. So sore, in fact, we can't eat, we can't speak, and we can't sleep from the pains. Don't we have a right to tender our swollen, bleeding cheeks in peace?

Because some of us know about the subtle conspiracies of the world, and in particular, against Africa, we bear greater responsibilities than others who can escape for not knowing who they are. It is difficult to know the truth and pretend otherwise, and the truth is that the surface is superficially calm; the heart of the world is troubled and turbulent.

I have not even zeroed in on any particular group of people. Rather, I have raised issues about everyone who has had a hand one way or the other in my painfully devastating, seemingly unending ugly state of being, just because I am Black. I have suffered in silence for centuries but the hurt has refused to go away. I am only telling the true and hidden history of mankind. In fact, I am simply saying Africans know thyselves. What is wrong with that? I am not preaching violence nor have I said that Africans should retaliate their wrongs in anyway. It is too late for that now. Sure, life hurts everyday for being Black, especially since racism is refusing to abate due to the distortions of my history, but I don't hate anyone. If anything, all men came from my mother's womb, and racists are my wayward relatives.

I am a great admirer of the Jews. Next to the Africans, the Jews are the most marginalized and persecuted people in history. They turned their hate to their advantage by refusing to wallow in the entrapping, numbing cocoon of their self appointment as the chosen people of ancient Deus. They took their destiny into their own hands. Opened their children's brains to knowledge and their history. Helped them to think, to rely and put trust in one another, and to respect hard work and consistency. Today, with a population of less than ten million people around the globe, Israel is one of the world's ten major powers.

Most of our nearly 1,000 million people in and outside Africa are among the most wretched human beings on earth. We do not deserve to be were we are and it has been going on for too long. I want my race to learn from the example of the Jews who are, in fact, our closest family and our first cousins from Egypt. I want us to be inspired by them to take back our leadership of the world from where our ancestors were pushed off inelegantly some two thousand years ago.

The way forward is to have a binding spiritual code. A common ethos, outlook and aspirations, and Myk (or the Cradle family) would do that for us as kabbalism has done for the Jewish people. Therefore, we are not against anyone being a Christian, Moslem or what have you, that is their albatross, but if you have been abusing African spirituality and calling us devils, Satans, idol worshippers, Pagans, every second of every day of the year, in the last 2000 years without let, you have lost your right to stop us from speaking, and you should be preparing to take the heat when we wake up.

The popular saying is, if you want to hide an idea, information or knowledge from the African, put it in a book. The end of knowledge is one book every African must read. It is 682 pages and over 3.5 million words of sheer brilliance and rare, edifying, comprehensive and corrective knowledge. It lays bare African scintillating contributions to civilization and corrects the lies fed humans by biased anti-African authors for centuries. Even if it is the only book you ever read, it is sufficient to sustain the basic curiosity to know, and know everything possible. Burn all books written to put you and your ancestors down because they are illiterate and bereft of substance and truth. If you have no money to buy yourself a match stick for the burn fire, borrow and liberate yourself from the irritating distortions of the history of your past and take control of your future with the power of knowledge.

We are taking back our leadership of the world from where our ancestors were inelegantly pushed off 2000 years ago. Our history did not start with slavery. We were alone in the world for 13 million years. Our priestly jewels hitch hiked to planet Mars once in a while and regularly hosted Martian icons up to the epoch of the Pyramids some 5000 years ago. Seven thousand years ago, we launched the human race into the merry ways of modern civilization.

We invented religion and still hold the only key that unlocks the telephone links with the spirit world. We created all the Gods of mankind and conceived the 'Virgin Birth,' being the first born and unique gem of the 'Eternal Source.' We dominated the earth spiritually, politically, militarily, intellectually and technologically, until our 2000 years ago invasion by the Caucasian kids we sired abroad and our 1500 years ago incursion by Arab kids, the products of Black and White liaison.

Our errant Diaspora brood, thinking they are a different and superior race, called their ancestors fools, pagans, animals with lower than the Chimpanzee IQ, and in 325 CE, fashioned a racist religious adaptation, founded on a fictional 'sodomy' curse, an act peculiarly their fort and notorious pre-occupation even now, to buttress their infliction on their framed parents, some 500 years ago, unprovoked, unprecedented ungodly, unrelenting, soul-wrenching tyranny of hate, torture, and enslavement, lasting 400 years, converted to even more debilitating colonialism for another 100 years, reinforced with numbing neo-colonialism 40 years ago.

They grabbed Northern and Southern Africa simultaneously with two prong pogroms targeting our total elimination, to claim credit for our scholarship and exclusively usurp our God-given natural bequests. We have now checkmated apartheid but not the Arab genocidal wars ravaging Africa from the North down through Darfur, to, as they smugly claim, dunk their action blueprint, the Koran, in the Atlantic Ocean in the South.

They have destroyed the eco-system with wreckless industrial pollution, causing disastrous climate change and drastically shortening the earth's life span. They unleashed two world wars in rapid succession and are busy right now fostering the third with endless instigation of pockets of religious, 'racial' and tribal skirmishes, through divide and rule tactics, and the bombing of terrorists they covertly nurtured, to gain turfs and control others fortunes, pretending righteousness. They revel in cutthroat capitalism and have introduced genetically engineered food stuff that ruin the organs, and needled this with AIDS infestations, to quicken the decimation of aborigine populations of the world, to feed their rapacious materialistic appetite, to keep the world's natural resources all to themselves.

Africans have now come full circle from rulership to racism, slavery to colonialism, neo-colonialism to the White House. We are taking back our ordained leadership obligation of the world as human ancestors, to repair, restore and renew the earth, making it more beautiful and beneficial for all who inhabit it, rich or poor, Jews or gentiles, Black or White, animate or inanimate matter.

The end of knowledge and its companion book the Myk, are the two books to help us do that. Every African and Black, who can read, regardless of gender, age, religion and level of affluence, must equip self with the profound knowledge provided by the two books to launch the greatest revolution in the history of mankind, the Pagans' revolt.

The end of knowledge is unique. It corrects the lies and distortions by scholars in the last 2000 years about the origin and history of civilization; exposes religions as causes of endless global mayhem because humans are living a big lie; marries science with spirituality; demystifies the spirit world; identifies our cloners, and reveals for the first time, the 'Source of life' in the universe: Energy escapes from expired energy, the waste materials of the energy or of the dead mass, in spaceless compact, is dark energy of which dark matter is part. Dark energy is the flip side of Einstein's equation on 'Energy:' E=mc2. Dark energy is, therefore, dE=mc2, where dE stands for dark energy.

Some have asked why I do not answer critics. My articles on the web are among the most commented upon and I can not answer every body. Besides, truth is like a huge intimidating rock; every one bows to it in the end, no matter how long it takes for that to happen. In any case, non-Africans do not attack me, rather they worry that I am 'enlightening my people.' A comment like that came from some Lebanese recently, for instance.

So, why should I answer my people whose comments largely do not make sense and who cannot read beyond bold lettered headlines? They abuse rather than argue because they are self-hating and illiterate parrots of cheap foreign self-praising propaganda. Their claim to knowledge and scholarship is limited to the only one book they have read, continue to read, cram and spew dirt in perpetuity – the Bible or the Koran. Why do I have to defend myself against a supposed African, if his head was screwed on properly? If we did not have a preponderance of such people in our families in the past, we would not be in the mess that we are in today as a race.

No civilization lasts for ever. Western civilization would soon be history as China primes herself to take over the reins of world leadership in the next few years. We must cut China's rein short; so, the intelligent and mentally liberated ones among us have nothing to be ashamed of. We must continue to learn and grow and teach our children and expand our turf.

Obama is not a fluke; we must build on our little gains by challenging the world of ideas that treat us as brainless chimpanzees because we are the ancestors of mankind, the first, and the first means the best in all languages of the world.

NAIWU OSAHON, Hon. Khu Mkuu (Leader) World Pan-African Movement); Ameer Spiritual (Spiritual Prince) of the African race; MSc. (Salford); Dip.M.S; G.I.P.M; Dip.I.A (Liv.); D. Inst. M; G. Inst. M; G.I.W.M; A.M.N.I.M. Poet, Author of the magnum opus: 'The end of knowledge'. One of the world's leading authors of children's books; Awarded; key to the city of Memphis, Tennessee, USA; Honourary Councilmanship, Memphis City Council; Honourary Citizenship, County of Shelby; Honourary Commissionership, County of Shelby, Tennessee; and a silver shield trophy by Morehouse College, USA, for activities to unite and uplift the African race.

Naiwu Osahon, renowned author, philosopher of science, mystique, leader of the world Pan-African Movement.

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