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Depression, and How it Affects One's Life

By Melanie Miller

Depression is something, that many people live with. It is not good to be depressed all the time, and I have friends that are depressed quite often. I tell them to have a hobby, such as painting a picture, or sketching, making crafts or go on a picnic with family and or friends, to do something witht their time.

I used to be depressed but found hobbies and has helped me out considerably so. If you feel you or a friend or family member is depressed constantly, there are other alternatives, such as seeing a medical doctor as they can and will prescribe certain medicines for clinical depression and it may be a chemical imbalance as well, and medicine can help out well for many people. Now..I am not saying that medicine alone is the answer, but medicine has helped out many individuals and you or a friend that has depressed feelings may benefit by talking to a councelor or a therapist, and talking about one's problems with them or with a friend even, will help out and will make one feel better, if they have someone to listen to there daily problems they may be facing.

Remember, being depressed is not good for the body, the heart, or nerves as well. I do feel that doing something such as reading books, will help take your mind off depression, and if these hobbies mentioned above do not seem to help you out, do seek counceling, and it may be a clinincal or chemical imbalance as mentioned.

Ask your self if you know of any family member that has depression or manic-depression such as a history in the family that has had mental anxiety or chemical imbalance or depression. You may be surprised what you find out.

If none of these techniques above, help you out such as the things I mentioned you may want to do, then may be you can join a support group and listen to their problems as well. There are groups out there that deal with mentally depressed individuals, this I am quite certain of.

Sometimes, it may be that one was in a car wreck or accident as I was in a wreck many yrs. ago and damaged some of my nerves, and it may always be this way for me, and may of caused some depression in me. But, I take a certain medicine for depression, and it seems to work splendidly. A doctor informed me since due to the accident that I most likely would be on a certain type of medicine.

If you feel you do not need to take medicine, by all means do not turn to illegal drugs, as these will only enhance the depression even more, as this is my personal belief, and cause one to become sick and a person whom takes illegal drugs, can lose weight and their teeth even. I have a cousin that used to take drugs, not prescription ones, but he lost all his teeth and is only in his early 40s. This is something to consider, if you are considering taking drugs that are harmful to your body...and I would never advise anyone to take street drugs, and it is wrong to intake anything such as too much alcohol for example as this impairs judgement, and one can get into an accident if driving with the infulence with taking drugs and alcohol, and there are people that take their prescribed drugs and drink whiskey or beer and impairs their thinking pattern. All in all, think about what harmful effects drinking and mixing drugs can and will do to your body.

Some people feel that taking illegal drugs will help them out and keep them from feeling depressed, but all it does is harm the organs of one's body and make them do things, they would not normally do. So be careful if you or someone you know is thinking about buying or purchasing drugs. Do not think that taking street drugs is the answer, as it is not.

If you are wanting to do such a thing, you need to ask yourself why you want to buy something that will harm your body. Being depressed is one thing but thinking these street drugs will end your depression is wrong to think, it will only harm and kill your body in the long run. Talk to a doctor if you feel depressed and I am sure he or she can prescribe medicine or medicines for you, so this way you will feel relaxed and happier feeling. You do not need to take drugs that can and will damage your body.

Take it from me, if you feel depressed then talk to your family doctor, she or he knows what you should intake into your system. I would never take anyone else's medicine or medicines and just cause they work for them does not mean that their meds will work for you too.

Well..I hope that my article was informative and that you enjoyed reading it. Thanks for taking the time to read what I felt I wanted to say to all of you folks.

the end