Mirror Magick!

By Melanie Miller

Have you ever looked into a mirror and wondered if you could see your future? Well yes..this is very possible to do. You take a candle, any color will suffiece, and then you turn out the lights, and make a wish while gazing into the mirror (these are some of my own spells, I cast)...you can ask the mirror whom you will fall in love with, if you'll gain prosperity or wealth and then if you see an image, you will know the true answer.

Some people may wish to stop nightmares, and with this home made spell, you take a mirror and write your name on it, red lipstick will do nicely (if you have any) and then place under the bed, and while you're sleeping, you should have pleasant dreams, instead of nightmares. Try it, it just may work well for you.

Also if you need money, you can take a mirror (a small mirror) and place on the altar you may have. Then you put coins on top of the surface of the mirror and make a secret wish to gain material wealth, and if a healing spell is in order, take some aspirin (if you have them) and put on top of the mirror, you may do this any time, day or night. All these spells should work for you.

If you are seeking a new career or promotion at work, then take a small mirror, place behind the commode and be sure a small glass of water is atop of the mirror with silver coins in it, and the older the coins are, the better the magick will work for you.

If you want to rent a nicer place and wish to live someplace you desire, then if you can find broken pieces of a mirror, then put inside your mojo pouch or mojo bag, and you can even make them, and or order them.

Write your name on a piece of paper or best yet, parchment paper, and put inside your pouch, but do not open the pouch, leave as is. If you want added assurance the spell will work for you, put a picture of yourself into the pouch, this ought to do the trick!

If you are wanting a protection spell, you can write, "Protect me from all harm!" and place this inside a pouch along with a picture of yourself as well. You can also put a pentacle inside it too, preferably gold or copper, as they work better then glass or brass ones.

If you are going on a trip, whether for business or pleasure, be sure to carry your mojo pouch with you, and put dice and feathers inside it, and you can also put a four leaf clover (if you can find one)...and put inside the pouch as well.

Well..I hope you enjoyed all my magick advice and I hope you enjoyed this article and with using mirrors, you should be an adult, especially placing broken mirror into the pouch.

Be careful what you wish for too, as you may get exactly what you desire, and casting spells with a mirror should help intensify the spell magick. Have fun with casting all your magick and I hope you find a friend to assist you in all your magick, and do tell the other individual what kind of spell(s) you may be casting.

This shows respect for the other individual and do know that each time you cast a spell, you may get just what you desire.

You can cast on a full moon and Halloween is always a good time to cast your black magick or wiccan or pagan magick!

The end...