Being Prejudice is Pathetic

By Melanie Miller
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Being prejudice is wrong, and there are so many folks that are against someone else, just simply because of their color, or race and this is just plain stupid to be against some one or someones' because of their skin complextion.

I myself have a African-American niece and nephew. They are just adorable, and I love them, no matter what the color of their skin tone is. They are charming children, and they accept me as their aunt as well.

If you know of any one that is prejudice, you should ask them why they are this way. You can be suttle about it and get right to the point, regarding this issue at hand. There is a lot of hate in this world and many people think it is fine and dandy to dislike another simply because of their race.

What makes the difference what color of skin you have, rather you are Japanese or Korean or what have you, and what makes the difference what religion you are for this matter, but this is an entirely different topic.

I am here to tell others that no matter what a person(s) look like, or their weight even, no one has a right to condemn anyone for their race or what they or he or she may look like. I am part German/Irish and does this make me a bad person? does not!

What do you feel about mixed marriages? Do you feel it is wrong in your heart to see or date or marry someone of a different race or back ground? No, it is not wrong in my opinion as everyone has a right to date or marry whomever they please to and if anyone condemns you for seeing another individual because he or she maybe of a different race then by all mean, tell them how you feel; let them know that this hurts your feelings, and be bold enough to stand up for yourself. I myself have dated someone of a different race and not many people thought ill minded of me, for dating someone of a different color.

So..what is the big deal with people these days, why can't you see someone, that may not be of your race, and if you feel happy inside with this other individual you maybe seeing, then by all means date this other person.

All in all, being prejudice is pathetic and no one has a right to tell you whom you can see, and if you feel they are condemning you, then maybe you should think twice before engaging in any future friendship(s) with folks like this.

You are you, and you can be happy, by seeing anyone that is of age,that is appropriate, and if you want to have chidren with someone of a different race, then this is between a husband and his wife, or a partner and only you can make the right choice for you.

I hope my article was of some help to you or a friend, and thank you for taking the time to read this article, it is much appreciated.

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