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5 Things You Could Get Addicted To After Visiting Mozambique

By Motunrayo Shafau
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Mozambique could probably pass as one of the “underdogs” of Africa - this beauty lies in Southeast Africa and is surrounded by quite a handful of countries ranging from Tanzania to the north to Swaziland and South Africa to the southwest and the Indian Ocean to the east. With the bustling capital of Maputo, its potential is much more than it is given credit for.

The sandy beaches and breath-taking history adds an allure to the Mozambican mystery - it is interesting to learn of the dynamic play between slavery and religion in Mozambique’s coastal area during the colonial times. With an increase in the volume of tourists, more citizens of the neighbouring countries are keen on exploring the reefs and islands of this country. The promise of zen, sunshine and adventure is one that cannot be easily passed up by eager travellers. Jovago brings you five things travellers are prone to get hooked on when taking a time-out while in the beautiful Mozambique.

The Mozambican wine...
This blend of wine is good enough to deserve its own festival which in fact exists. The Mozambique Wine Festival is held in appreciation of the food and wine of the country - with some jazz, this makes the perfect blend for an amazing night out. This festival is marked annually and is held in the vibrant capital city, Maputo. It attracts wine-lovers as well as international producers of wine!

The amazing sea food...
It is said that the biggest lobsters on earth can be found in Mozambique, their style of cuisine is well-influenced by the Portuguese. With the Indian Ocean in very close proximity, the cuisine incorporates a great mix of seafood ranging from prawns to mussels and crayfish amongst others. These are prepared with local spice and ‘peri-peri’ armed with the Mozambican secret ingredient - coconut milk!

Don’t forget the beaches…
The Mozambican beaches - Tofo, Vilankulo, Inhambane amongst others - are nothing short of breathtaking… The daring travellers could even get the chance to swim in the whale sharks, mantra rays alongside an array of specimens from the underwater world. The travellers could also enjoy serenity on the beaches without having to get wet. This makes a great destination for honeymooners and even solitary travellers.

The rawness of it all...
Mozambique’s tourism is still progressing so it’s safe to say that the beaches would not be as crowded as other popular tourist spots. This way, travellers can get the fringe benefits of popular tourists destinations without the stress of haggling for a free spot on the beach. Fishermen and young boys hunting for clam shells add an appeal to the Mozambican experience.

The underwater paradise…
It is established that Mozambique is a sight for sore eyes with its great ambience and beautiful views but the underwater experience may just give these sights a run for their money! Several renowned divemasters visit this country to enjoy the underwater paradise. Travellers could also get to enjoy a glimpse of this through snorkeling, deep-sea diving etc. Infact, Mozambique’s Neptune’s Arm is considered as one of the greatest diving spots in the world! What’s not to miss about this?

The gorgeous views in Mozambique are sure to soothe frayed nerves from the travel. It makes the perfect place for rejuvenation, the beauty of the blue sea mixed with rich greenery transports one to a special paradise of no worries!

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