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To Be A Lady Is Difficult

By Martin Beck Nworah (MBN)
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During my primary school days, I was in a class that had less than 40% female pupils and by the time I got to secondary school, it was 100% male school. So I never really had an up close encounter with females till I got into the university. And being in a class dominated by 70% females, you can only watch and analyze life's drama as they unfold in 3D before your very eyes.

Every morning, I stand and watch some ladies who are totally insecure and unsure of themselves walk up and down in search of answers to their existence. Others are pretty okay with fighting hard to belong and identify with trends while some others who despise everything in a special way, end up clutching their beliefs and insisting you will go to hell for putting on make-up or a nice hair.

When you survive the heat of appearing beautiful or decent in the eyes of the world, you jump into the pressures of the society. From getting a good degree, avoiding unnecessary distractions to appear naked in my music video (I'm a superstar oooo...ask Davido), getting a decent job, avoiding your boss at the office who prides himself as a sharpshooter and landing on the issue of marriage and starting up a family. There's never a time she is free from the eyes or decisions of the world to truly become who she wants to be. This is really distressing.

As little girls grow into beautiful ladies, it is Martin Beck Nworah's wish that they will be taught to love themselves in spite of their imperfections. To take the lead and become the best they can be in their chosen career. Marriage and kids will come no doubt, but they need to tailor their lives first and discover their existential purpose before answering any man's name. (A man who may even be confused on what family truly means)

I believe ladies deserve every opportunity to achieve their life's dreams and ambitions. But if your dream is to multiply the world with babies, please go ahead and have fun. Ladies deserve more and no matter how insignificant we feel they contribute to our world, they are the reason why humankind is still having some certain level of sanity. Relegating them to sex materials and societal victims will certainly deal a great blow to our economy, society and the world at large.

You can wear the best make-up, dress to kill and impress all the male folks with your dazzling figure, but just make sure you have a strong character and a good brain to balance the equation. Just try.

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.