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Oh, it must be my turn, my time, my prime season to morph into the specie of substance that I have been curved into. Curved by all nature of pain and frustration, my soul has been touched up through twists and squeezes and eventually into the gem that I am. Gladness feels the air that I breathe and beacons of hope shine around me. I smell of successful redemption by a God of goodness and the celebration emanates from my mantle. I try to cap it and restrain myself from being overwhelmed by this unique vibration of revival. The fear of being on this cloud nine and moments later in a pit of my own vomit is ever looming. Looming  my environment, but it cannot deter me from giving myself to this pristine creed full of free salvation.

In the past all sort of flaws have been presented by demonic forces to try and put me away from  the plan of refuge. A plan that was mapped out by the creator but I have lived through this and the future looks ever brighter. Happiness, they say it a state of mind but I rephrase and say, 'happiness is a state of shine granted by God' regardless of the circumstances. The flow of events in this life come to a point of rest when we die… that is the statement the world advertises. No, it is far from true. The flow of events in this life go on into the time eternal and heaven and hell is not mythology but individual futuristic reality. So it ceases to be an issue of 'if' we die but 'when' we die, are we ready to face up to the challenge/judgment by a God of justice and all that's fair. Am I? Ask yourself that question and not rhetorically but truthfully.

Put a lot of thought into what is priority in your life. My life has two most basic and important aspects; one is God and two is people's welfare. This should be able to fan the flames of my abilities to the extreme edge of productivity and supportive contribution to life. I need not bear any trace of fear because the love weapon given by God erases all fear and his truth sets me free indeed from all bondage and enslavements. All this and more has been planted and given into me such that my life shall be abundant and great by the ultimate and true measure of God's scale.

wafula john