Mr. Kidnapper(s), Ozekhome is the last Person you want to Abduct, here is why

As you may know our brother, Mike Ozekhome, the last two decades, at least by international standards is one of the most prominent and loudest human rights voice in West Africa, Nigeria in particular.

The reason for this is clear. With his legal voice he has engaged in targeted attacks against poverty, inequality, joblessness and injustice that continue to threaten the people and trigger behaviors like what you are putting him through right now.

Ask him questions about his work, about his pronouncements and his protests, you will notice a man constantly clashing with the government be it the military or civilian for causes that go far beyond personal gain; instead for groups' interest like those of the youths and others in a state of struggle.

Thank goodness for his personal success but his fight against corruption, political mismanagement, financial waste, tribal disputes and the lack of aid for the average Nigerians is something we need more of.

He is called a radical because he talks and writes aggressively against the exploitation of the average person.

There is a possibility that he might even give you his last penny, dance, eat, sing, cry and bleed with you, because that is his nature!

He will assure you that there will be no revenge towards you once you let him go only because he has constantly warned the power-that-be that they are to be blamed for problems like the one both of you are in right now.

I know many of you are educated about the news from the print and internet media, just read about what the international world is saying about this man in the last 20 years.

Just the other day, for the sake of the nation and the average Nigerian, he told the world of a nation in crisis and about the current detriment of the common people.

He stated, “Less than one percent of the populace is eating the entire wealth meant for over 156. 5 million people and that is why Nigeria is not developing. When you use 85 percent of your national budget on recurrent expenditure rather than on capital project, and most of the money is channeled to massage the egos of people in power? “What is the business of a minister moving around in a convey of12 to 15 cars? In America, they are called Secretaries, and they drive themselves. “Here in Nigeria, when a Senator is moving, he goes with siren and no fewer than 15 vehicles…So you find out that we are always spending more than our budget and that is why we are getting to a stage, where we may be broke, the synopsis and the prognosis are that Nigeria may be broke and when Nigeria is broke, there will be trouble because it will affect not only Nigeria but the entire West African and African regions.”

Is this the type of man that the nation, his family and the world will no longer have access to because of you? Therefore, let him go, now!

In conclusion, be rest assured that Ozekhome will defend you personally and negotiate with the police and the court to protect your rights as that is the type of person you now have in your custody. May be you did not mean to get into a shoot-out with the police who were called by witnesses but things happen, and it is only proper that you make it your responsibility to protect him and release Ozekhome now, as you and me will need his voice again, and again on behalf the citizens of this country, called Nigeria.

John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D; Psychologist, [email protected]

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