Infrastructural Development: Certainly, Okorocha started with massive infrastructural development, which has today turned to massive deceit; part of it has swallowed the Deputy Governor today. Okorocha is miles away from developing infrastructures in the State. The #800 Billion worth contracts he claimed to have given, does he have any document for them? He woke up all nook and cranny of the State with his make belief tales of massive road constructions, making ways where there is none, like the Pauline Christ maketh. Today, how many of those roads are not overgrown by bushes, swept by erosions to the extent of not even being foot-passable? The resurfacing of MCC Road, we know he still owes the contractor up to this moment but claimed to have paid him about #300 Billion. How many of the contractors in the State has he paid? Those he wants to pay, he ends up paying from the money Ohakim left behind, which he before now. We do not know what he is doing with our monthly allocations and the Local Governments, which entails that he does not know how many contractors, are on site and how much he spends of the money meant for infrastructural development in the State? Can even the Federal Government award the degree of contracts Okorocha does, of #800 Billion?

He claimed to have done 1,000 roads in Imo State, while in his budget he claimed to have only built 600Km of roads. The remaining 400Km (roads) difference is so enormous to be neglected. Let Okorocha tell us what he has done with the money and should tell us the contractor that has done it and show us the roads. More so, he has destroyed many motorable roads in the State without doing anything to reconstruct them, most of them have been taken over by early rain erosion.

In line with the massive infrastructural development, Okorocha claims to have been engaged in; it is obvious that he has no knowledge of the need to diversify infrastructural needs and public utilities for the State. How many boreholes has he constructed? The ones he has done, is Okorocha definite on his financial sources for their execution. Does he obey the rule of budget stipulations for the execution of projects? For instance, the Legislative Quarters he claimed to have built was under BOT and he claimed to have used our money to do it. All his projects in the State lack planning, consultation of experts for advice and direction. He undergoes sporadic, erratic, and impulsive projects. In this purview, the entire Master Plan of Owerri has collapsed. No State capital or renowned city has no Master Plan upon which every future development is based, and if there are needs for changes, stakeholders' meeting must be called. Let Okorocha tell us which Master Plan he is following because the destruction of Owerri Master Plan is the obvious cause of the erosion that raids the city now. Okorocha has collapsed the whole infrastructural systems and ideals in the State.

He has vowed not to perceive any money and leave it there and for it purpose of emergence. Like the shark in the ocean that is very sensitive and smart to blood perception, once Okorocha sees any money in any Ministry, he pulls one of his brothers and gives him the contract. All contacts are awarded to Roche or Rochas, or to any of his Botanical Names.

Okorocha states open beads for contractor, awards such public contractors that are not one of his, basically on those he knows he will never pay but just wants to make vainglorious name. In doing so, he urges the contractor to go to work on self-motivation and when they have reached 50%, should come for half payment. None of them he latter gave even the half payments; many have closed done since the banks they borrowed the required fund became tired of their excuses of Government non-payment. Such banks have sold, off their debtor properties to get back their money. One of such big deceits is the gates in Owerri. Each of the Gates built in Owerri was built at #300 Million, but these were bought by individuals who have not been refunded their money as agreed and thus they abandon them.

Law and Order: Okorocha is miles away from maintaining law and order as the custodian of such in the State, which he should be. He uses his elevated position to act arbitrarily. He has no respect for legal and due processes, and do not obey Court Orders. He is simply above the law, an immune supra-lego. He has failed in this regard to look at the Constitution, at bureaucratic procedures, etc., and by virtue of his position, in full smoke, he dismissed 60,000 workers (including Road sweepers, etc), excluding the 10,000 workers he sacked. This arbitrary disengagement of people from their sources of livelihood has made living very difficult to the common man Imolite whom Rochas ab iniito swore that his government is for. People do not have means of livelihood; even the littlest means of survival, menial jobs, they have been stripped off them, he has dismissed all to pursue his Platonic World of Ideas and Paradisso in Terra.

At present, instead of being friendly with the people as he promised, Okorocha drives them away with thugs; which resulted to the reason people asked him to legalize thuggery through local dailies in the State. In the history of the world, it is only in Imo State that Government used thugs to chase people out of Governor's Office without any insecurity course. Okorocha in his affinity with thugs and employment of thuggery as government mechanism has shown that he is just suited for the Chairman of the Nigerian Union of road Transport Worker (NURTW). This has caused clashes between him and some set-up spheres where he instituted thuggery, such that in one of the clashes, he sacked the Chairman of the Imo NURTW, certainly because he has eyes on the occupancy of the position. Generally, civil servants and all sorts of workers under the State payroll cry for the non-payment of their salaries; some days back, workers from the sold Adapalm beseeched the Government House protesting over non-payment of their salaries and arrears.

Security: Okorocha is miles away from effective manning of his position as the NO1 Security Officer of the State. He operates a mafian government, and it is evident that his government is founded on 'cannibalism'. As a result, one of his Aides was indicted in a kidnapping saga of his co-worker, a top functionary in the government House. There are rampart kidnapping incidents in the State, armed robbery and incessant upheavals in the Oil Producing Communities in the State, especially in the Ancient City of Oguta, where ruses surge constantly because of the affinity of Rochas and his cohort APGA members in the Local Government.

Distribution of Wealth in the State: In all the jobs and contracts awarded in the State, it is Roche or Rochas, or any of his Companies' botanical names and companies where he is a shareholder. When jobs and contracts in a State are not circulated, the people suffer. Certainly Nigeria operates a loosed capitalist economy and as such the society's leadership is never oligarchy or the monarchy Roche or Rochas has turned it into. Jobs in Okorocha's administration circulate only with the head's region. For instance, ordinary meat pie that any standard company can supply, he awarded it to his sister to supply in Government House. Today, Rochas Company, Lamonde has even Guest House in the Douglas (Government) House. Even his private printing press has been turned into Government's and does all government works, refusing to do any work for non-Government usage. Should these continue? Should this geocentricism go on? If they should continue, in the next four years, there will be nobody to cheer him Owelleagain. Previously, Okorocha criticised Ohakim of having many lane of entourage, but today, he has all the Ministries, Commissions, Agencies, Parastatls, Security Agents and Blocks in his entourage; what is left to be sported in Okorocha's line-up of security is a native doctor.

Health; Okorocha is miles away from valuing the health of his citizens. The Health Centres in the State that were built by his Predecessors have been sold (18 out of 27), while the left-behind ones are poorly equipped and under staffed. If one should ask, where is the money generated from the sales of these General Hospitals and where does Okorocha want sick Imolites to go, to Private Hospitals, perhaps to his botanically named ones? Every well informed Imolite knows that Rochas used the money generated from these sales of their hospital to buy his personal Jet. At the National Population Commission (NPC) Office, Port Harcourt Road Owerri, the chart containing the Death and Birth Rate of each Local Government in the State, has the mortality rate gone very high in the past two years. If each Community should deliver the number of corpses buried in the past two years or the entire morgues in the State recount what have been deposited for these two years, it is quite alarming. Should this degree of mortality continue, in the next two years, Imo will lose up to 10-20% of its booming population, which is one of the sources of wealth and economic factor in the State- Human Resources.

Community inspection was going on in the State during Ohakim's tenure, with the Clean and green Initiative. Today, it is a forgotten issue. Communities deposit wastes anywhere, with absolute absence of environmental cleanup exercises. Which State in the federation stays without monthly environmental exercise? The State is dirty and filled up with health hazards. People who live in these dirty and unkempt environment, contact innumerable ill-health from it and many die instantly as a result of laissez affaire attitude of the My people must die all Governor.

Traditional Rulers: Rochas is miles away from the cultural respect of the Traditional Rulers in the State. Okorocha has debased this institution in the State. Traditional Rulers are now turned into school bursars. He has introduced them to collect money that has not been given to them, which he said will take off in May. He dismissed all previously granted autonomous Communities in the State by Governor Ohakim, threatened to emerge and dismiss even those that were granted by Late Governors Ndubuisi Kalu in 1978, Sam Mbakwe in 1979, the Junta State Governors and even Governor Achike Udenwa. At present has ensured an annual revalidation of autonomous committees, by setting up panel and committees he does not pay but sends them like the Disciples of the Matthean Christ, which the labourers deserve their wages, with the Ebe onye n'aru ka o na-awachi. These panels and Committees suck the poor communities dry; doing actually the work of the master that sends them.

It is exigent that Imolites rise against this deceit and evil leadership in the State before all fall in cataclysm. For two good years, nobody knows Okorocha's focus. Where exactly is his attention? Is it in AIT or in his Mouth? The #18 Million Okorocha spends weekly on every Friday in AIT Abuja, can be used to employ some graduates that roam about jobless in the State and pay them well. The peoples Governor! My people, my people, my people!

By Prof Nathan Protus Uzorma –The Reformer. Email [email protected]

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