Battles Of Life

Source: Akogwu Egene, Esq.
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Akogwu Egene, Esq.

When I look back to where I am coming from
I realize that Life is an endless battle
During the course of this journey
I had travelled in fierce strom and blazing sunshine

I had walked barefooted on thorns and live-coal
I had fought the lion with my bare-hands
I had swam across many oceans
I had climbed many mountains without rest
It was as though, I would never get to my destination

I had been beaten and battered
I had been trampled upon
I had smiled in my tears
I had searched for light in dark tunnel
In this dark days and age
Family and friends kept me encouraged
Then, as if by a stroke of magic
A dim light peirced through my tunnel
And then, I began to wonder
Could this be the light of heaven or of hell-fire
Have I been saved or condemned
Has my pain finally come to an end or it’s just beginning

Lo and behold, as I reached the end of the tunnel
I found myself at heaven’s gate!
Akogwu Egene, Esq. is a legal practitioner, writer and motivational speaker from Kogi State, Nigeria. He can be reached at [email protected]