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The word 'conviction' can often be abusively used and misunderstood when it is been collapsed in the view of 'Christian relationship'. Especially when a man or a lady is being confronted by parents, friends and leaders over issues regarding their dating career.

Conviction is a belief peculiar to it carrier. An intrinsic tenet or judgment that sponsors the persuasion and build the confidence of a man or a woman when they are ripe to make decisions and manage the upshot thereafter.

Conviction is also equal to faith, doctrine, feeling and dogma that had perpetually formed one's opinion or view about an aspect of life.

Conviction can be received from God, scriptures or through special gifts and the gifts of the Spirit, such as 'discernment' or 'faith'. I know a friend who does not need to pray to know whether you were lying or tell the truth of a matter. Conviction can also be acquired via instinct, much study of tested method particular to a thing or an aspect of life especially 'general'. But when dealing with sensitive issues of life, one need to be deeply convinced so as to avoid loss, regrets, guilt, fear and continuous replacements.

The booby trap regarding the matter of convictions has really caused various of setbacks, meshes and entanglements, due to lack of patience, many had participated in this risk and snag.

Other reasons why men do not seek to be convinced includes:

• - Lusty intentions
• - Fear, Shame and Pressure
• - Peer group influence
• - Unaccountability
• - Inconsistency in Prayers
• - Immaturity
• - Wrong beliefs and Indoctrination
• - Wrong or imbalanced Advices
• - Family ties and Principles

Notable aspects of life where these hallmarks occurs over and over is relationships, businesses, leadership's issues regarding whether to participate in services or not, political and economical institutions, dreams, ambitions and project fulfillments.

* Engaging a mentor over an issue can be of a great help if one knows perfectly that he cannot handle or bail an issue of life.

* Be guided to date.
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