5-Online Tools To Cartoonify Yourself

Source: Jovago.com

If you do not want to use your original image on any of your social media profiles, or you simply want to add some fun to picture sharing, you can achieve this by ‘cartoonifying’ yourself. Cartoonifying your images is funny and interesting as it gives you a different look on social media. Jovago.com , Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 5 websites that help create amusing pictures for social media use.

Cartoonify is pretty straightforward. The user only needs to upload their pictures and within a few minutes, it will create a funny picture of you. You have unlimited access to more than 200 graphic parts which you can select from to create an avatar. Plus you do not need to install any software to use cartoonify.

Kuso Cartoon
Users are restricted to only 6 styles to convert their pictures. Also, it accepts PNG and JPG pictures within the size of 500KB. Despite this limitations, it is still a wonderful tool for creating your picture avatar.

This is a photo editing and graphic design software that allows you to create your own cartoon look and it comes with exciting features. If you are looking for a photo editor, and a reliable avatar converter then BeFunky is the tool to use.

Portrait Illustration Marker
The portrait illustration maker is another website that can help you have fun with pictures. You can select from a wide range of body parts like eyes, nose, lips, hair and ears to design your preferred look. Remember, you still have to upload your pictures.

Moonjee is a popular online tool that allows you to create your desired avatar. It is very easy and simple to use even though it doesn’t provide variety of functions.