Expectations Of Friends

By Martin Beck Nworah (MBN)

"Nna ehh Beck, this thing is becoming highly unbecomingly unbecoming."

"Hmmm...you have started again Pete. Is this English?" I asked in-between laughter.

"I don't care. You see, I brought you to this hangout so you'll be seeing all these beautiful ladies you love admiring their body contours to get inspirations for writing. At least your mind will be busy to hear my story."

"Bia Pete...insult yourself ooooo. I'm celibate biko."

After exchanging initial friendly insults, Pete went down to the business of the day. He was really agitated at the expectations of some of his friends who contributed little or nothing to his success.

"Beck, you know I just got a new job with a multinational company. I have not even spent three months on the job, I have not even received my first salary and some people are already on my neck for favours. And these were people that never cared or contributed anything in my life whatsoever. I wonder how I cal them friends sef. They now go about gisting about my being stingy and how I have refused to settle them."

I nodded as he told his story and I perfectly felt his pain. To his friends, they felt he has arrived with his dream job and before he could even earn on the job, he must settle them. For what? For writing him off and refusing to help him when he needed their aid? To these so-called friends, Pete is now swimming in money and has refused to share with them.

But in truth, although he has landed his dream job, he is yet to settle down and even find his footing. He is bitter not because these friends are disturbing him, but because they never appreciated him for once. Before landing this job, he was the one always reaching out to them and literally "begging" for the friendship. But now, the table has turned.

"See ehh Pete. In life, everything happens for a reason and at a particular season. Maybe, just maybe...if these friends of yours had appreciated you, welcomed you fully into their fold and given you that warmth of friendship, you may not be pushed to work harder. Anything is possible and anything could've happened you know. So instead of getting angry and always bringing me to this spot to sin with my eyes, just do what you can for them and leave the rest to God. In due time, everyone will be duly rewarded."

"MBN...you know you make sense small sometimes. Good boy. You like that babe passing by? She lives across the street, make I call am for you? She is your spec oooo...sharp guy like you."

"Ogbeni...I'm celibate. I have no spec or spectacle."

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.