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It is offensive to call Nigeria 'Naija' - Prof. Dora Akunyili

By linda -

"It is very offensive to call Nigeria 'Naija'. We are making plans to write companies to stop using the word Naija. I have heard that name Naija in adverts. I want them to go back and remove that word. If anybody says this is Naija, ask the person, 'Where is Naija?' We have to stop this word because it is catching up with the young. If we don't put a stop to its usage now, it will continue to project us wrongly.” - Minister of Information and Communication, Prof. Dora Akunyili.

Seriously what is wrong with giving your country a nickname? How does it project us wrongly?

Isn't US called Uncle Sam or something like it?..:-)

What's your thoughts on this? Is calling Nigeria 'Naija' offensive?

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Balorhino | 11/18/2010 7:11:00 AM
When Prof Dora Akunyili was made minister of information & communication i thought the federal government for once made a correct decision in putting her there she is a big noise maker(opinion mine)when she was at NAFDAC the noise she made at least got us somewhere, a lot of fake drugs went off the streets but now as minister she is just making unnecessary noise first it was re-branding as if Nigeria is a mere product like OMO detergent that has to be re-branded and taken to the market place even if it were, some re-engineering and total quality management must be put in place before such re-branding takes place not just mere jingles on radio and television with some fez caps and t-shirts.Now another noise what is offensive in calling Nigeria "Naija" isn't USA called "UNCLE SAM" or even the "STATES" isn't Cameroon called "THE ARMPIT OF AFRICA" if any name is offensive i guess an armpit should be, even Italy is called the "BOOT" if Nigeria was called the boot am sure she would propose death sentence on whoever calls Nigeria such ,in the actual sense the name Nigeria is a corruption of Niger area whats the difference with Naija another simple corruption of a corruption if she had said the name Nigeria is offensive i would say she has a good reason after all Nigeria is not only an area around the Niger what about the Benue.Prof Dora Akunyili please we are not through with the re-branding joke so don't start another joke, please we have had a enough or do you now have a better nickname for Nigeria please let us know maybe we can sing and dance along with you. The real re-branding has to start firstly within your circle Prof Dora Akunyili how on earth would a company on the edge of bankruptcy have its managers better paid and the shareholders feed with unreasonable jokes than a viable company paying its managers less and shareholders a reason to reinvest we are not all f**ls in Nigeria certainly not i don't need a professorship to understand what is offensive or not. Thank you and God bless Nigeria
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