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By NBF News

Reacting to the position of the President that the presidency was never zoned to any section of the country, former military president and PDP presidential aspirant, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida accused Jonathan of being economical with the truth.

Babangida who spoke through the Director of Media, IBB Campaign Organization, Prince Kazeem Afegbua referred President Jonathan 'to the meeting of the expanded caucus of the PDP in 2002, in which 47 persons, including President Jonathan, then Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State voted out of 51 persons present, that zoning should be the order between the north and south.'

The statement said further:: 'At that meeting, President Jonathan was number 34 on the attendance list. We also refer the president again to Section 7.2[c] of the party constitution which is still subsisting.

All these were steps taken to maintain stability and unity of the country. Anyone who tries to be opportunistic by saying there was no zoning lacks integrity and honesty of a true leader.

'Those who are crying foul over zoning today are beneficiaries of the formula . It is bad and wicked politics to change the goal post at the middle of the game. It is unfortunate that politics has generated into this mindless bubble and reducing leaders to mere liars in the face of opportunism.

It is a shame, a big shame,' IBB submitted.

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Aloy | 9/29/2010 12:33:00 PM
the president never denied the issue of zoning or not,he said that the agreement was that the principal head has to be emgered bofore other political post like speaker, senate president and their wiil be emger, talking about 2002 agreement as for that period the was no issue of zoning, the issue of zoning came up as a strategy mainpuation by the formal president for him to make his ways for second tenure in office and the ever issue has not been agreed upon by all the PDP memebers specially those form northern. you people should not being issue that can lead to another crsis in this country, Nigeria is one country, which ever way or means the president come form our major concern should be for good Governance, senitment and names calling can not do us nigerians any good.
know what you believe and know why you believe in what you believe
By: Emmanuel Borquaye