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States with The Highest Supply of Electricity in Nigeria

By The Nigeria Voice

In a nation where average electricity generation is 90,000 MWh, discussing the ‘highest supply’ may sound ironic. However, despite the dismal state of electricity supply across the country, some consumers still get energy on average more than their compatriots in other states.

Many factors go into considering where most of the energy in the country go to. Some of these factors are socio-economic; industrialisation, population, economic power/activity. States with a higher population, industrial activity, and purchasing power tend to be supplied more regularly than others.

Others are technical; distance from generating plants, the number of households connected to the grid, distribution infrastructure. States in the far north, tend to be supplied electricity on average less frequently than states in the south, as transmission losses are not as much. These factors combine to render most states and areas prisoners of inadequate power supply.

The Top Nine States with the Most Power Supply

Based on DisCo billings for the first quarter of 2019 the states likely to have been supplied the most are;
  1. Lagos: Served by two dedicated DisCos, Africa’s fifth-largest economy received 1,657GWh of electricity, which is more than twice the amount supplied by the second DisCo on this list.
  2. F.C.T – Abuja: The nation’s capital receives over 50% of the energy supplied by the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company. With over 815GWh billed by AEDC, it’s safe to say, Abuja is pretty much covered.
  3. Oyo: The state is served by the Ibadan Electric Distribution Company (IBEDC). IBEDC billed 722GWh in the first part of the year, one can assume that a sizeable portion of this electricity goes to the state whose capital it shares a name with.
  4. Ogun: The state is served by the IBEDC, as well as by the Eko electricity distribution company in some parts. Ogun due to its high industrial activity receives a relatively higher electricity supply than most.
  5. Edo: This is another state that is served by a DisCo with a name eponymous with its state’s capital. Benin Electricity Distribution Company billed 522GWh in the first quarter of the year.
  6. Kaduna: The headquarters and largest economy under the Kaduna Electric franchise area is bound to receive the lion’s share of the 419GWh billed.
  7. Kano: The centre of commerce is quite low on this list, despite having a large population and industrial footprint in the country. This underserved state received the bulk of the 414GWh billed by the Kano electricity distribution company.
  8. Enugu: Being the headquarters of a DisCo has its perks. Enugu continues to benefit from this as it is served by the 406GWh-billing Enugu electricity distribution company.
  9. Rivers: Despite being the home to at least three power generating plants, the treasure base is served by the paltry 382GWh-billing Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company.

It is important to note that despite these allocations, the hours of power supply availability is greatly determined by the state’s population. This explains why customers in the country’s capital tend to enjoy steadier electricity supply than customers in Lagos.

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Nigeria Electricity | 9/13/2019 9:29:00 AM
You could be sued for plagiarism. How do you copy an article from another site and paste it here verbatim without any reference!? You even took credit at the top by stating that it was done by you. This is the problem with Nigerians.