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Video:The history of genocide in Nigeria and why Buhari is evil.

By Femi Fani Kayode

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Dr. Okafor | 7/26/2018 1:12:00 AM
Write your pertition and all the chronicles of event; reflect the 1945 mass pogrom in Kano ; 1953 genocide in Jos ; 1967 massacre that prompted the combined forces war against the biafrans.the 1981 matassina clearance; the zango cartfe of southern zaria1983. The election upheavals mass killings. The sharia law killings in zamfra ; kaduna and bauchi where christians were slaughtered in 2000. The kano repeated riot and jos killings of Igbos in thousands. The fulani hegemony and their shambolic nigerian constitution which was built on illegality by the oligarchy . The nigeria political structure how minority become the majority. Killing the south and stolen away the oil rent from south with impunity. Unwarranted detention and toturing with the abusive use of police; army ;dss ; efcc and so on .60% of oil money from south was spent annually to develope the northern desert nigeria unchallanged. They were the brain behind boko haram and fulani herdmen terrorist . Fulani megalomania and genocidal activities has challenged the foundation and unity of the evil contraption called nigeria.
what goes around,comes around
By: john