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Femi Fani-Kayode is a tormented soul. His recent change of name, from Femi Fani-Kayode to David Oluwafemi Olukayode has done nothing to exorcise the demons that perpetually torment him; ready proof is that the nation continues to recognize him by the moniker from his first iteration – FFK. A cursory study of his face reveals that much. His eyes poignantly display the anguish smouldering within him and showcased in a mournful and pained look that tells you their owner would have preferred a different fate from his present lot. His mouth tells no cheerier story, the crookedness of his upturned upper lip tells of a mouth long soured by a contaminated silver spoon. But whatever demons torment FFK, should this cantankerous character get our understanding and pity given the fact that he persistently relish in making himself odious?

Whatever decision is to be reached on whether we help exorcize FFK's demons or we turn and feather him is dependent on the prognosis we make from what understanding we have of him. This should not be a difficult task given the fact that the former President Olusegun Obasanjo who created this current mutation of FFK by appointing him as a minister has summed it all up: “Femi Fani Kayode is my boy. Provide him food, he will eat and then sing for you. He’s a smart boy.” That was what Obasanjo had to say about the monster he unwittingly unleashed on the nation.

A little digression is necessary here. Food is essential to the human body, which breaks it down into glucose and the various nutrients needed to sustain life. Anyone who has not eaten for a prolonged time will suffer a crash or drop in blood glucose level, which is referred to hypoglycemia. There are tons of literature on the relationship between hypoglycemia and psychosis and they should make an interesting reading for people who only sing after they are provided food.

Could it then be that FFK suffers hunger induced psychosis whenever he is not provided food? Food he can only get by hitching rides on the train of any government in power.

A look at his recent history may come in handy here. Prior to being rehabilitated with the appointment as Special Assistant on Public Affairs and later minister under the Obasanjo government, FFK had that now famous sojourn to Ghana – he admitted that much before the Senate during his ministerial screening. Could it be that the sojourn was necessitated by the bout of hunger that came after he squandered away the inheritance from daddy? Only FFK can answer that. But the truism of the saying that one cannot talk with a mouthful of food, was established in FFK when his tongue lost most of its venom while he dined at Obasanjo's table.

Soon after the Obasanjo government ran its tenure, FFK was again left hungry and wasted no time in launching serial attacks on the Yar'Adua government which transited before FFK could be appeased. Still hungry, he promptly mobilized against the Jonathan administration, until the issue of his hunger was subsequently addressed. Of course, some of this was coupled with the 'Sword of Damocles' hanging over his head in the form of his arraignment and trial for fraud by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). While he sustained his attacks on President Jonathan, he was satisfied with the crumbs that fell off the meagre table of the then opposition leaders. But that was for a short season. A few visits to the Villa later, FFK was again at the table. This time the ruling party's table, getting his fix of food and true to Baba Iyabo's theory, he began to sing and eventually cornered the position of Director of Publicity for the Goodluck Jonathan Presidential Campaign.

Given the revelations we are now receiving on how the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) was converted to the PDP campaign ATM, one can only imagine how much food went down FFK's gullet considering that someone got as much as N4.6 billion for spiritual software. The closest inkling to what he made from that campaign was the swift swing from hypoglycemia psychosis to hyperglycemia manic episodes that saw him unleash his verbiage even upon those who did not cross his path.

It has been barely eight months since our gentleman stuffed his stomach and pockets full from illegally sourced campaign funds, and it seems – like the prodigal son he has always been, FFK is already showing signs of hunger again if his recent umbrage at the incumbent government is any indication. He has started the attacks that he hopes will secure him access to the corridors of power and the inevitable invitation to join the meal at the table – only that the stance of the present government portends that it is not 'come one, come all' affair. The government which FFK served had ensured that the pantry and the kitchen were cleaned out and left bereft of even crumbs. The days of 'Girls of Playboy's Mansion' kind of Villa party is over. Certainly, Nigerians are now familiar with this perpetual circle: FFK attacks a government, he gets invited to be part of that government, and next the turncoat becomes abusive of the opposition and any anyone who dares criticise that government.

The present government must thus get its Change Agenda right particularly with Femi Fani – Kayode and his ilk. The starving big boy is apparently back on the street plying his wares as he seeks another round of bailout for food so that his tantrums can metamorphose into singing and possibly some dance steps thrown in for good measure. It must contain FFK like the contaminant that he is.

FFK has begun unwarranted attacks on President Muhammadu Buhari's government only that this time around something is different. His psychosis is now driven by more than hunger. Paranoia and morbid fear are part of the driving force for the new round of attacks; and we must sympathise with Femi Fani – Kayode because the demons haunting him are real and not in the realm of conjecture. His demons are in the shape and form of the mind boggling revelations about the satanic and murderous plunder of Nigeria by the administration FFK furtively tried to keep in office. The revelations included how funds appropriated for other sectors were channeled to a campaign organisation for which FFK was the poster boy. For instance, the erstwhile National Security Adviser, (rtd) Col Sambo Dasuki turned the CBN inside out to create a slush fund for the PDP campaign. Considering that a large chunk of the party's campaign expenses went into media and publicity, the wing overseen by FFK during electioneering, it is a matter of time before the testimonies of all those presently in detention over the fraud point back at him.

Incidentally, attacking the government to earn invitation to a ceasefire is another area in which the character is well versed. Such profiteering campaign of calumny is his signature move and didbring him reprieve under the immediate past administration when scores of charges against him were progressively dropped until he was discharged by the court. Nigerians still recoil in horrifying amazement at the ease with which FFK made a volte face and became a GEJ piper shortly after referring to him as, “a president who has abdicated his responsibilities, destroyed his own political party, divided his own country…abandoned his own people, brought ridicule to his own faith…and broke his solemn oath to protect and defend the Nigerian people”. To FFK, integrity is an archaic and moribund oxymoron. He recants at will and whenever it's expedient for his stomach. Hence, he has nothing to lose by launching new rounds of attacks on the incumbent government when it is obvious that his role in looting the country to fuel the PDP campaign will soon bring him before the Lady Justice. This threat of having his day in court and the reality of an impending hunger are FFK's demons from which no mean exorcist might save him.

It has been written that most demonic possessions can be very violent and can completely damage the psyche of an individual leaving the victims tortured, trapped and extremely helpless. Yet, FFK is a Nigerian and even as we are in a dilemma as to what to do with him. We cannot, even for the sake of his ancestors, abandon him to his certain fate.

So what do we do with FFK? It is our responsibility, as tradition demands we do to a naked lunatic by covering his nudity, to help this drowning soul by exorcising his demons. We can all do this by ignoring his tantrums, antics, whether in the mainstream, online or new media. For those who cannot resist the temptation to feed his ego, they can at least be kind enough to be truthful to this tormented soul by dredging up the facts of sordid past to shock him from his hallucination bouts. The government of the day must also show some tough affection and kindness to not just FFK but also to Nigerians by making sure the law takes its course when it does catch up with those who looted the country. As with medieval exorcism, sometimes it must be needful to 'bleed' the possessed to let out the bad that has contaminated his soul for too long.

Written by Philip Agbese, a public affairs commentator.

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Stella | 12/13/2015 9:48:00 AM
Any man or woman responsible for my sofry in abroad you evil powers die by the blood of Jesus
Stella | 12/13/2015 9:50:00 AM
Any man or woman that wants to waste me and my children in abroad you evil powers troubling us die by the blood of Jesus
Stella | 12/13/2015 9:56:00 AM
Comand fire of God to distros evry police papers problems cash fire by the blood of Jesus
Stella | 12/13/2015 9:57:00 AM
Any person going to evil metting to hot my life die in your metting by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ
Stella | 12/13/2015 10:02:00 AM
Any where they have cost my life in the land of Nigeria where I was born to hot my life in abroad by the power that says let there be light in this world and there was light I command you shall not be for me you shall not be for my own children you shall not be for my family. Now by the powers of our lord Jesus Christ go back to your senders in the name of Jesus Christ
Stella | 12/13/2015 10:05:00 AM
Nigeria I shall not die. My own children shall not die. Our family shall not die .by the powers in the blood of Jesus Christ
Stella | 12/13/2015 10:08:00 AM
Any spirit of devil of hospital following me and my children life's scattered by fire I band you I cast you outside by fire by force in Jesus name
Stella | 12/13/2015 10:15:00 AM
As a child of the lord God because of abroad I was living in Sin having sex arand I am not a prost*t*te but is like a prost*t*te but because of the blood of Jesus me and my own children My family we are saved so now you spirit of sin of making sex with all cans of ronge me white or black I broke your powers today in the powers of the blood of Jesus
Stella | 12/13/2015 10:19:00 AM
Every demons spirit living inside me and my children and my family me and my own children our own family we says bye bye to you demons spirit in Jesus name Amen holyspirit of truth comes into me comes into my own children comes into my own family life's in Jesus name Amen
Stella | 12/13/2015 10:23:00 AM
Lord repie me and my own children our own family together again for the good of Nigeria our own country Amen
Stella | 12/13/2015 10:40:00 AM
Repie me And my own children outside together again and all repie my marriage here for our good together don't give me whith make don't also give me ablak man that is not a Nigerian I band them I cast them out in Jesus powerfully name Amen freedom of God in and outside in our lives
Stella | 12/13/2015 10:43:00 AM
These that wants me to cry you enemies you shall cry no child we be carried out of you in Jesus name Amen
Stella | 12/13/2015 10:45:00 AM
Any agent of darkness that the devil as send against me to follow me to hot my life's you my followers die in the blood of Jesus Christ
Stella | 12/13/2015 10:49:00 AM
Spirit that like problems to trouble me that my children to be taken away from me so that they can use me as a prost*t*te like others you spirit repent or you die by the powers in the blood of Jesus Christ
Stella | 12/13/2015 10:57:00 AM
Spirit that don't wants my husband beside me that dont want my own children beside me because of prostitution money you spirit be very careful with me if now that the government as tuke 4children from me and you think all these my own children are the problem of the money and you wait and wait you see that long time I don't still want to do Wat you want now be careful I will poshus you out of my life's this time because if I had sex with all the abroad white men I can not make even one whith child as nober five
Stella | 12/13/2015 11:25:00 AM
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Stella | 12/13/2015 11:31:00 AM
Any spirit that is thinking that my own children is is children you fake parents die and live my children alone in Jesus name Amen
Stella | 12/13/2015 11:32:00 AM
I shall not end up bad in Jesus name Amen
Stella | 12/13/2015 11:34:00 AM
These who which evil against me I send your evil back to you again by fire by force in the name of Jesus Christ name
Stella | 12/13/2015 11:36:00 AM
Spirit of death that is following my life's you spirit die by fire in the name of Jesus Amen
Stella | 12/13/2015 4:03:00 PM
Any loud of the devil that is on my head now go back to your owner by the blood of Jesus Christ Amen
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