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Boko Haram detainees must leave Anambra -S'East Senators

By The Citizen

As controversy contin­ues to trail the recent relocation of Boko Haram prisoners to a prison in Anambra State, Senator Mao Ohuabunwa, representing Abia State in the National Assembly, has advised the Federal Gov­ernment to order an immedi­ate return of the prisoners to the Northeast in the interest of peace.

He made this declaration in Abuja at the weekend while interacting with journalists, in­sisting that he would raise the issue as a matter of urgent pub­lic importance on the floor of the senate when the lawmakers resume sitting next two weeks. According to him, transfer of such high-profile terrorists to a local prison in Anambra State was a matter of concern to all.

Boko Haram prisoners were reportedly transferred to Ekwu­lobia prison in Aguata Local Government of the state by the Nigeria Prison Service.

Speaking on behalf of South east Senators, Ohuabunwa said, 'there was no justifiable reason for the transfer of Boko Haram prisoners to a local prison from far away north where the said terrorists were arrested.'

He added that 'the presence of the said inmates in a local prison would create avoidable tension and fear of the unknown in the area. If the transfer of the said inmates is true, it should be reversed without further de­lay,' saying that 'such prison­ers should be confined in the states where they committed the crime or other states in the north with maximum prisons.'

Senator Ohabunwa further argued that it was 'a security risk to send such prisoners to a local prison in a place with porous security presence. 'No amount of explanations would justify the transfer of terrorists to a state in the South east'. Accordingly, he vowed to mo­bilise his colleagues to push for the immediate reversal of the decision when Senate resumes sitting on July 21.

Meanwhile, Governor Willie Obiano has appealed to Ndi Anambra to go about their normal businesses, promising to continue his dia­logue with relevant authorities on the matter.

In a statement signed by his Senior Special Assistant on Media, James Eze, the gover­nor debunked some comments credited to him in some media on the matter.

'Governor Willie Obiano is aware of the strong feel­ings provoked by Boko Ha­ram among Ndi Anambra and the people of the South East. Therefore, he shall never use this subject of pain and anguish to play politics. Those who are not held back by any moral considerations in their pursuit of power, cheap popularity and vendetta are free to play with the agony of the people for their narrow interests. But for Obiano, certain things are big­ger than politics. He therefore appeals to Ndi Anambra to go about their normal businesses while he continues to engage the relevant authorities on the matter,' the statement reads.

The governor assured that he would continue to engage the authorities for peaceful resolu­tion of the matter.

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nedu music | 7/5/2015 7:20:00 AM
please local prison is porous as it regards security matters to allow such a deadly group in, pls FG incline ur ears to the cries of the people ok, act fast and evacuate them from there.
Okoro | 7/5/2015 1:53:00 PM
P/s u f**lish leaders do something b/4 it will be late
ejykerose | 7/5/2015 12:22:00 PM
pls goverment should done something immeditely to relocate does bokos b4 is late.
jessy | 7/5/2015 1:18:00 PM
why must it be anambra state? what about katsina state
jessy | 7/5/2015 1:21:00 PM
why must it be anambra state? what about katsina state
moro | 7/5/2015 1:26:00 PM
okowa is busy sacking workers and fighting his predesssor in delta state while the fedral govt brought boko prisoners to ogwashi-uku prison.ozuai
moro | 7/5/2015 1:27:00 PM
okowa is busy sacking workers and fighting his predesssor in delta state while the fedral govt brought boko prisoners to ogwashi-uku prison.ozuai
Okoro | 7/5/2015 1:55:00 PM
Wicked leaders red blood suckers
Okoro | 7/5/2015 2:31:00 PM
wicked bokos for my own opinon this boko should be cut off their head alive because they are one of the causes of nigeria riot today and if it will be possible let the north be nigeria and others be biafra (usb) because their is an igbo adage which says agbakolaonu nyoo ma mmiri ogba ufufo so is better to settle the disput once. Go to (usa) the pay salaries to everychild from birth to age 18 and above or not f**lish government start giving youth job or see worse more .
Umar farouk | 7/5/2015 6:52:00 PM
What is wrong with d distingush sen. d issur is belong 2 nign prison services
divine | 7/7/2015 2:08:00 PM
shout up ok. the best place for those vampires is katsina stat max. prison