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By Alonge Michael

The Preferred Team PR Company led by the highly industrious Tokunbo Modupe, no doubt, is one of the respected and reputable companies in Nigeria that has not just done well but has come to stay in the industry.

Talking about public relations, the firm otherwise known as TPT has professionals and marketing experts as staff but one thing about the beautiful place is that, the welfare of the staff in terms of staff salary is nothing to write home about.

One of the close pals of the tall, gentle and soft-spoken image launderer, Tokunbo whispered to us that, most of his members of staff are not really happy with what they take home. Another rumour that is emanating from close pal of Tokunbo is his insatiable appetite for sex that has led to him molesting virtually all his female staff both married and unmarried.

After having his way through them, we learnt, he would try a way of getting ride of such staff from the company on the ground of non-performance and gross insubordination. The few ones, we were told, are those who have not yielded to his 'bedmatic call' or respond to his seductive prowess.

Another reliable source informed this office about a certain girl from the eastern part of the country, name withheld, who was said to be a good Client Service Executive that everybody admires. The girl, we learnt, was regarded as one of the enviable hands in the company until the illicit affair started between them and before one says Jack Robinson, the exit door was shown to her and she left ignominiously. That, eventually, put an end to their secret love affair.

Though, Toks as we gathered, is one pleasant being who knows how to spoil a lady silly but the only thing that has become an issue about his personality is his 'use and dumb tactics' on his numerous women. Well, while investigation is still on-going to unravel the other dirty acts of Toks Modupe, people in the know are worried about the state of his marketing journal called Brand Faces which is no longer in circulation due to some mysteries surrounding it. Keep a date.

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Prince usef idanesi | 7/20/2010 11:27:00 PM
What purpose is this story supposed to serve? I profitably proofread and wouldn't mind being a consultant to your organisation. Your piece is poorly written in the first place; also the goal of your piece is to destroy! That isn't true journalism. Your property is not relevant at all on the Internet, so pull it as soon as practicable.

Thomson | 5/11/2012 2:05:00 AM
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ope | 9/20/2014 3:58:00 AM
Yes. D man is a very useless and heartless man. He sleeps with ladies even without protection and still gives peanuts. So I don't know where u guys for ur "he spoils sillt". He is a very ruthless man whose has no respect for ladies. I don't blame him tho. I blame d st*p*d girls that fall sheepishly for 10k cash from him after rigorous hours of sex. I rest my case.
anonymous | 4/11/2015 1:07:00 PM
Very true. Very useless man. He would so sleep with you for hours and give 10k even with all the money he has! And yes! Unprotected sex too. No spoil silly. Very sting and dirty man
Aladetan Collins Adebayo | 6/16/2015 11:38:00 PM
The writter the urgent medical attention