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By Fejiro Oliver

“For we who nurse, our nursing is something which, unless we are making progress every year, every month, every week, we are going back. No system shall endure which does not march.” - Florence Nightingale

My great grandmother occasionally reminded us that, it is only your good enemy that will tell you that your mouth smells and the clothes you put are torn, and it is only a naturally cursed and useless friend that will continue to fight that enemy without wanting to transform or accept transformations to defeat the enemy. Sometime ago, I went to the hospital with a friend who was ill and while in the ward with him, a beautiful young lady walked in and asked one of the nurses sitting and said “Ma, please let me have the folder of that patient over there”, which was given to him. I just saw her access a patient one after the other, wrote something on various files and walked away. As I looked at the nurse, she was fuming with anger and made an uncomplimentary remark, “all this small doctors wey say them be physiotherapists will just come here, touch some parts of the body and government will pay them big salary, while we earn nothing”

That word till date rings in my ear, and each time I remember it; I feel pity for nurses. That I love Nurses have never been in doubt and the love has never waned, despite the ills bedeviling the profession. How come Physiotherapy which is arguably a new profession ranked next to Med/Surg in the scheme of service that Nurses have become their enemies? How come that Physiotherapy which began with nurses has overtaken them from being just a technical course to a professional course that Nurses have to answer to them? I do not want to be reminded that Medicine started as a technical course as well, for I know; but one thing has distinguished them – training, research and pride of what they practice. These three things are what have made Nursing the butt of jokes in Nollywood today, where they are portrayed as slaves to physicians. I'm pained; really pained, knowing that it is not the true picture of things. This lengthy piece which was borne out of research with great assistance from a top medical colleague will answer that.

In this part of the world, when the word “Nursing or a Nurse is mentioned, it's simple interpretation is “that is woman” and this is attributed to the fact that, of course no tribe in the Africa continent that has a word for a nurse or nursing. Let us attempt to enroll more females (say 70% of female and 30% males into the medical schools for just two years, or allow more physician, pharmacists and physiotherapists (3 Ps) in the hospitals or allow female member of such professions to head their council for just two years and observed the impressions and expressions of members of the Nigeria communities, if the field would not be communized and lose it respect. The licensure exams nursing students write in every May and In November of every year can be written and passed confidently by a very good biology and health science secondary student, but that same student cannot even understand Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Dentistry nor Med.Lab exams let alone to attempt them; but because it known that, females brains don't want stress in the acquiring of knowledge, the nursing council exams, in both structures and patterns are watered down that, even a pregnant woman at second stage of labor will write and pass; in other words, the SSCE and JAMB exams are more difficult than the RN exams, and you think, these other medical practitioners are not seeing these?

For the nursing field to grow and be recognized by the societies, it required constant researches that will have direct impact on the improvement of the lives of the people; but while the other profession and their professionals are engaging into researches and announcing the outcome to the societies with the logo of their respective field on the results; nurses are busy attending weddings, buying exotic cars, fattening up, accumulating and sharing the several millions and billions of monies collected for council exams registration, indexing, license, renewal of license, from frustrated nursing students, as well as the ones collected from fake organized workshop, obsolete post-basic programs attendants. Instead of investing these monies into significant researches, they travel to Dubai and other countries; and you think these physicians are not seeing these?

Nursing in Nigeria was introduced into the university in 1965, and since then, the only change the NMCN has made, is to introduce objective like questions in the so-called council exam. Because they have decided to be enslaved in their mode of thinking and reasoning by the physicians and other clinical staff; they did not found any relevance in introducing a program that would improve on their professional image and practice, thus they become deaf and dumb and provided themselves with very hardened and repulsive skin to transformations, not even the President Goodluck's fake transformation agendas could penetrate the nursing nor nurses line of backwardness. I mean, the simple introduction of“internship” it did not occur to them, and when these generation of students want to improve on field of nursing practice and as well as to command and earn respect from other core medical practitioners and the members of the communities; the nurses in Abuja NMCN affairs, DNS and a host of other envious nurses in NANNM are ill bent to see that, their children don't grow. It is a shame to all nurses that have been practicing for over forty years and to RNs for refusal to allow for the internship.

One of the biggest problems militating against the progress of nursing been noticed and used against nurses is the different types of certificates existing in the nursing field. First it is the non-academic and without-educational based RN license. I imagine for goodness sake, how can a RN holder be allowed to gain direct entry admission into two hundred to study nursing with RN and O'level subjects; why? Does RN have any NUC accredited background like diploma and IJMB? It is just a license for practicing and nothing more. This is just like asking a road side machinist to use the certificate given to him in the mechanic shop after freedom party to go and write SSCE O'level and the engineering department should admit him for two hundred level; or patent medicine dealer to use his certificate of serving in a chemist shop to add SSCE O'level and ask the Pharmacy department to admit should a person into two hundred to study Pharmacy. To give standard to field; please for respect reasons, this should stop, and every students aspiring to study the program should write JAMB or acquire IJMB or A'level subjects as it is done in other respected health disciplines and as approved by the NUC. Secondly, it is only in nursing in Nigeria, somebody will have RN from school of nursing (SON), then go and get first degree in any of the following: health science, or sociology, psychology, education curriculum, law, education and will be telling the world he/she is a nursing graduate and professional. I mean, how one can have a RN license, which does not have any educational supervisory body interpretation, but only meant for practicing, and he/she will be parading S/he as a professional nurse with BNS degree.

This cannot be seen in a well respected and masculine dominated health professional program like Medical Rehab, Medicine, Pharmacy, Med.Lab.Sci , etc. Some with the RN and first degree in nursing, but go further to do their masters in any of : sociology, psychology, health science, food and nutrition, education and curriculum, Law, guidance and counseling, etc. for goodness sake, are those courses “Masters in nursing?” and they will even preferred to be called nurse practitioners (NP); and in a similar vein, those who had it at Ph.D level want to be considered nurse consultants (NC). With this Nursing will never grow or assumed full autonomy. Now in Nigeria, how many nurses have their Masters and Ph.D in nursing? How many have DNP or DNS? Rather they will prefer to seek for women accepted and easy courses outside nursing to do their Masters and Ph.D, so as to continue with confusion and further bring do down the once respected field.

How can you have Masters and Ph.D in absolutely disassociated courses with RN and in some cases with BSc(n)/BN.Sc and be demanded to be placed as lecturer one and/or be called nurse consultant? And you expect nursing to grow and be accepted by the other health teams to train students at Masters and Ph.D level with which knowledge? Is it knowledge of sociology or Psychology? If such a lecturer is allowed in nursing department, then all lecturers in sociology, psychology, education and even guidance and counseling will be drafted to all nursing departments as lecturers and as lecturer one. This can never be obtainable in a well organized healthcare training college, like Med/Surg , Medical Rehab, Pharmacy, Med.Lab.Sc etc. How do you place, compare or equivalent, a Ph.D/MA/MSc in sociology/Psychology/Health Sc./Nutrition/Edu. Curriculum, with nursing background in RN and/or with either BSc(n)/BN.Sc , with a Ph.D/MSc in Pharmacy or Medicine with Pharmaceutical or Medical background in B.Pharm (Pharm D) , BMR or MBBS? A consultant or a just nursing officer! Another problem is the HND status accorded to RN holders in the civil service scheme (CSS) meant to tell us that, a nurse with RN, RM, RPHN, RICUN and other so-called post-basic SON courses have HNDs. Somebody with RN/RM/RPHN, has three HNDs- this is laughable. Nursing is a dynamic, scientific and universally researchable science field and not for weak and shallow thinking brains like what is seen in Nigeria, especially among the hairdressers who called themselves nurses, without any senses of engaging in significant researches to improved on the lives of their patients and the lives of physicians so as to earn and command respect from the public and from other health teams. Nurses in Nigeria please accept to change so that transformation can change the profession of nursing for all. Please refuse jealous, envy and bad belle so that nursing can see light; please allow your trainees and young professional children to grow, which is the prayer of every parents.

When in the 21st century developed health care societies are improving and advancing in health care curriculum so as to further meet or supersede the universal health best practices by converting all schools of nursing into 3-5 credit courses colleges/university; in Nigeria the reverse has been the case. Imagine a program that is called health professional course is been ran in a national open university (NOUN); is medicine, Pharmacy, Med.Lab, Physiotherapy, even community health ran in NOUN? What is nursing among all the health disciplines doing in NOUN for goodness sake? Instead of thinking of converting all schools of nursing into masters, DNP, PhD running and degree awarding institutions/colleges, so as to develop efficient and competent and skill man powers that would favorable compete with their counterpart and meet up with the internationally accepted health best practices and standards all over the world; NMCN is busy thinking of setting up nursing polytechnics with 2-credit unit NABTE accredited courses. Instead of NMCN to set a pace for the developed world to follow by converting all post-basic nursing courses into Masters, Ph.D, DNP and DNS to be taught in the colleges where different researches would be done, it is busy thinking of 2-credit unit courses in polytechnics, so that weak and non-oriented research brains will attend and further worsen the backwardness of the nursing in Nigeria. And these physicians, Physiotherapists and Nigerians are watching.

The obsolete white-and-white uniform has really basta*dized Nursing image. In the societies; community health extension workers (CHEW) who also wears the white and white portray themselves as nurses in community primary health centers and whenever blunders are committed as its normal with all profession, the first name sang all over the media without knowing it was caused by a CHEW. The white and white uniform should be immediately discarded and be seen as out dated, and in place of it, the fast growing using of different colors of scrub uniforms should be adopted or a more unique color, with their tags displayed, as well as the nursing symbol. These white uniforms are seen worn by nurses in the market squares, entering public toilets, hairdressing salons, public transport vehicles and other odd places and in each of these places, they attract dirty, germs, infectious agents, that they take to their love one at home and health facilities.

Do we talk about the negative and annoying administrative and exorbitant high fees collection attitudes of NMCN which was exposed to me by a source within the council? The Nursing administrations and managements in that NMCN office in Abuja is very poor, and all of those staff in the office are advice to go for further proper administrative skill training and to as well seek for better intellectual skills to enable them develop efficient thinking and reasoning abilities, so as to make them have constructive critical thinking and logical and rational decisions making and proper Law making. It is only in Nigeria NMCN that, after students use three days to write the council exams; it will take seven to eight months before the results will be released and after the results are released, it will take another five to six months for license to be given to students. It takes over a year for the results of the exams and the license for NMCN to issue it to students. For the fees and what are they used for, EFCC or the ICPC should be invited to begin probe of such monies collected. Imagine, N6,000,00k for indexing, N1,800,00k for green book, N30,000,00k for the council exams (i.e. for two papers), N12,000,00k for logistic of the examiners, N20,000,00k for collecting the license, all for an exams that lasted for just three days, these are not part of the N3,000,00k that each student will give to the department HOD for the conduction of what NMCN called “hospital final” All the charged amount put together for an exam; summed up to over N80,000,00k per student, yet there is no improvement in the profession. The NMCN does not give money to each department to equip their nursing and midwifery demonstration Labs; NMCN does not organized watery workshops without collecting money from the participants, NMCN does not have research built institutes; it does not pay staff; what about the money NMCN collected for renewal of licenses? How many research works has it sponsored? Please, for estimated benefits, that total sum should multiply the numbers of Schools of nursing in the country, and the numbers of nursing departments in the universities in the country, and a clearer picture of NMCN richness would be understood. Do they think these other medical practitioners are not seeing these atrocities of thievery and exploitations of students and their parents?

One thing I have always heard from Osahon Enabulele (NMA National President) in the course of our discussion is that the nursing field should change it attitudes of backwardness and professional conservatism. He was simply telling NMCN that, NMCN and NANNM as well as all those obsolete nurses should wake from the old paths of nursing training and practices and embrace the scientific and technological trends of training and practices. He's telling NMCN and NANNM to accept internship scheme, so as to improve their public image. He's telling NMCN to convert all S.O.N to colleges awarding Masters and Ph.D and DNP nursing programs. He's telling NMCN to be wise and select only nursing professionals and professors in nursing as members of its board, so that their secret will jealously protected. And while he must have made some uncomplimentary remarks at time, which I have always taken him up, I totally agree with all the above he stated

Let auxiliary nurses be jettisoned, while the council begins a proper monitoring of all hospitals training such and deal ruthlessly with them through the law. Just as the Med Lab Scientists, Physicians, Physiotherapists and Pharmacists do not allow unnecessary practice of their technical colleagues without supervision, so should Nurses not allow any Nurse practice without a degree holder supervising such. Physical therapists assistants, Lab technician, dental technicians all have their specified duties which can be copied by the Nursing council and even create their own board for them. Until the Bachelor of Nursing graduates take over the helm of affairs, Nurses can keep gnashing their teeth in pity while they take orders from men whom ought not to order them

These little things matter…

Fejiro Oliver, a Journalist can be reached on [email protected] and +2348026797588 (sms only please). Follow on twitter @fejirooliver86 and Facebook fejirooliver86. Like our Facebook page - secretsreporters

NOTE: This work is a compilation, hence it's mainly raw and unedited

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PEP | 4/10/2014 9:06:00 AM
I think you exaggerate too much when you said that the RN curriculum is nothing. You cannot be a nurse or you wont say that. Do you know what it means to fit anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, management, nursing care etc into your head and expect any question from any aspect of any of them in 2 days in an exam that will last for 3 hours? Sir, I believe you are STRONGLY prejudiced against nursing. Try to be a bit more objective.
Mcphine | 4/16/2014 7:14:00 AM
Most Nigerian Nurses do not know their role its a pity when you employ RN they sitting most of the time leaving the wards toAuxiliaries: Chew :Attendants & Patients relatives Nigeria Nurses should change of attitudes toward work;The struggle recently is all about money. A Nurse can not handle ward attendants & auxiliary leaving our Hospitals dirty. A Nurse cannot tell Auxiliary what she wants them to do Nigerian Nurses are not up and doing only few are measuring up
Stella | 4/16/2014 7:25:00 AM
I love Nursing abroad they know their rights:roles.They know their uniform and no one can wear it.Auxiliaries know their limit working under supervision of Run No one can claim to be Nurse because the community and Laws on ground will not allow at
ezekiel | 5/31/2014 4:52:00 PM
I don't agree with ur point that council exams can b written by anybdy.for me it is the most difficult exam in the medical field.
Oragba Terumbur.E. | 8/26/2014 10:01:00 AM
I dont agree with you on the inferiority of RN training.I know many who were not able to pass the RN.but came out with clean grades in the other fields.NMCN please oliver has put a challenge to you.Upgrade nursing schools to degree awarding institutions for posterity sake.Let your young ones grow.No child after attaining prosperity will begin to trample on the mother.
sarah | 8/28/2014 1:17:00 AM
sir I think u went too far in saying that the NMCN exam is nothing. I am a student midwife and I can tell u that the PTS exam is not a joke not to talk of the qualifying exam by NMCN.I also know that some gali pot nurses are really giving the profession a bad name but we still have some scientific nurses/midwives with theoretical backing and rationale .
frances | 10/10/2014 9:47:00 PM
You are right and ignorant in equal proportion,while I agree nursing should be upgraded I equally disagree on your opinion of RN nurses,clearly you don't know what they go through,they can challenge and are quite better than most bsc nurses any day
esy | 12/14/2014 7:59:00 PM
Nursing in Nigeria is nothing to write home about. The issue of internship should be adopted and research centres opened as to bridge the gap in knowledge and practice. Nurses work more than medical doctors in the hospital but they are not valued because of the way the leaders in the field has kept the profession. Is heart breaking and something should be done as to make nursing profession better.
ESTHER | 4/12/2015 12:59:00 PM
This is an interesting topic, worth discussing and looking into. I had my nursing and midwifery training in Nigeria. I love nursing so passionately that I was determined to have a Phd nursing in Nigeria. The process of getting an admission and stay in the university for a whole 4 years after becoming a registered nurse in order to have a bsc is crazy, unfair and annoying. Who said an average Nigerian nurse is not ready to upgrade? The system has not made it favourable for any nurse to climb the ladder. I basically left Nigeria because of the system hostility to upgrade, and now I am doing my masters in nursing in the UK. God willing, would move to PHD in nursing next year. The country is losing a lot of money from nursing education thus enriching other countries. Here in the UK you have your BSC in nursing on the average of a year with your Nigerian RN (registered nurse) certificate. However, our Nigerian system says 4 years. I wonder if Nigerian standard of education is better that UK's. As far as I am concerned, NMC are filled with a whole lot of people who are busy playing politics with the profession. Their impact are not being felt, no dynamics, or could it mean that NMC is a symbol of a structure. They are bundle of failures. I pray that well meaning Nigerians, law makers should swing into action to help our darling profession. Auxiliary nurses performing role and procedures they are not trained for, dragging the name of the profession to the mud. No one has been brought to book to face the wrath of the law for their action. Hospitals prefer hiring them instead, because they are cheap and support their sub-standard practice which a registered nurse would frown at. On the other hand, how many nurses have been disciplined for negligence of patient care. The first day I worked through the door of NMC building in Lagos few years back, I could not believe what I saw. They are so unprofessional, filled with people that lack office etiquette. However, I would like to state that our curriculum needs re-structuring and should always be re-visited to fit the societal and technology change. Secondly, all lectures in all schools of nursing should be people who should embrace research and evidenced based nursing. I wonder how a lecturer or teacher uses a particular notebook all torn, some pages missing to teach every set without reviewing recent articles to support or disprove some practices. The nursing council exam is not as cheap as probably the writer presented it or the process of surviving through with all due respect. However, Borrowing a leaf from the UK system, I would suggest that essay writing on some modules or courses should be incorporated as part of assessment. This would expose students from reading wide, encourage learning and finally improve students writing skills. I LOVE NURSING SO DEARLY!!! OH GOD, MAY THIS NOBLE PROFESSION NEVER DIE.
Passionate Nurse | 6/6/2015 3:28:00 AM
Esther I love this reply you gave to this article. Congratulations on you further educating yourself in this wonderful profession. I am a Registered Nurse trained in the U.S. and like you I absolutely LOVE Nursing. If only more nurses realized we are the one's that are to show God's love to others! I feel great joy anytime I am able to treat a patient with the greatest care and love. It is a honor to be a nurse and should not be taken lightly. Here in the U.S.A you hear people way too often saying they want to go into Nursing for the money. Is it worth selling your soul for money? That is the way I look at it when these people that go into the profession just for the "money" leave a patent in the most deplorable conditions and take no pride in what they do. I have recently started teaching nursing students in training at a hospital and this is one thing I harp into them is showing their patients God's love. Never feeling they are too high and mighty to do something such as cleaning a patient that can no longer control their bodily functions due to illness, etc. You can not solely rely on the nursing assistants (like some Nurses do here in the U.S.) to take care of the patient. Some nurses unfortunately think "I didn't go to nursing school to clean up bodily excrement's". It is utter nonsense when you have Nurses who think like this!! My dear cleaning a person is part of taking care of the TOTAL person, you as the nurse do whatever needs to be done to help the person feel better. Can they help that they are sick?? How would you like your family member to be treated? Unfortunately for the patient this type of Nurse that thinks in this despicable way with their bad attitude helps the patient to develop bed sores, contractures, bladder infections, etc. which are all negative implications behind their rubb**h thinking! Nursing is a calling and it sickens me when I hear people are going into it for the money. Whatever God has given you to do as a career, do it with all of your heart and soul!! I urge people who want to go into this profession please think about your reasoning behind wanting to enter this great calling before you go into it! DO NOT do it because your mom, dad, aunt, grandma, or any other family member told you this is what you should do. Do it because you have some type of love for it. I commend persons that have the courage to leave the profession for some other career path after they find it is not for them. Wish more people would think like this and save patients and co-workers the undue stress and negativity associated with these persons being in Nursing for the wrong reason. GOD BLESS ALL CURRENT AND FUTURE NURSES THAT DO THIS GREAT JOB OUT OF TRUE LOVE FOR HUMANITY.
sly | 1/28/2016 11:58:00 PM
yasmeen | 7/20/2018 6:09:00 PM
hi Esther, I know this post is about 3 years ago, but please if you can, i'd like to get some information from you about nursing in the UK because Nursing in Nigeria is almost killing me!! please endeavour to reply me.Thanks
Ngozi | 9/10/2018 9:05:00 PM
Nigerians criticize and insult their nurses but when they get abroad they apply for nursing, what a terrible country,
Joan | 6/6/2015 12:59:00 PM
The writer of this aricle is bais. Am a student midwife and i know what it takes to graduate with RM.
Hiukah | 6/18/2015 8:45:00 AM
As much as the writer is right and also wrong in some of the areas he has pointed out, i still think that NMCN are not helping this noble profession. They are so bias with their archaic manner of doing things that they have refused that this profession would grow. Its painful to think that after many years, we are yet to achieve internship in Nursing. They only want to collect money for council registration and renewal of Licence, but they haven't done anything for we nurses to remember them when they pass on. I'm so infuriated. This profession is where it is today bcs of our unskilled leaders in NMCN who have refused to use their initiative to upgrade the image of this noble profession. Our nurses train in Nigeria, but travel to other countries to practice, thats bcs the system is so whack. They have refused to merge the S.O.N to a university, they have refused to show a visible difference btw auxillaries and RN/BSN, they have also refused to grant this profession internship....i can keep going on and on. Its just a pity. I pray they let their conscience judge them. They should always appraise themselves by asking "what have i actually contributed to the growth of nursing profession?" Its really saddening.
precious | 8/2/2015 10:25:00 PM
Sincerely, the nursing profession is not been encouraged in Nigeria. Many who have a tender heart, courage and of course brains discover themselves chasing medicine and other more respected courses which is really disheartening. It is a very bad omen to the future of nursing in Nigeria.
meme | 12/8/2015 1:02:00 AM
iit a pitty dat most private practising doctor are the onces rubb**hing nursing the tran tailors,drop out, at the end of the day they give them white uniform and them auxillary staff.dis shd stop have heard of auxillary doctors or pharamactist .nurses fight for your right
Beenish | 12/11/2015 8:56:00 AM
I agree nd also disagree with some aspect of this a nursing student pursuin my degree in Nigeria..honestly speaking,nurses are not being respected wen we gt to d clinicals,buh I find them faulty as well because most of this matrons are not courteous at all...I think its a gud idea about dis internship,so nursing can b seen as a noble profession...
Ezekiel Kuduson | 1/21/2016 12:21:00 PM
"I imagine for goodness sake, how can a RN holder be allowed to gain direct entry admission into two hundred to study nursing with RN and O'level subjects; why? Does RN have any NUC accredited background like diploma and IJMB? It is just a license for practicing and nothing more" This is where I disagree with you. Do you know what it takes to be licensed as a RN? Why do you downcast RN like this? You know what, you are sick in the head. Wake up please
Parskar | 2/1/2016 12:52:00 AM
that person who wrote dat stuff is a big f**l. I don't blame him, maybe Canada USA Australia and other developed countries r f**lish for rating nurses high , I mean very high. if one person insulted u , does it mean its all. I must join to say u r d biggest f**l ever met on earth
Parskar | 2/1/2016 12:58:00 AM
that person who wrote dat stuff is a big f**l. I don't blame him, maybe Canada USA Australia and other developed countries r f**lish for rating nurses high , I mean very high. if one person insulted u , does it mean its all. I must join to say u r d biggest f**l ever met on earth
kemi | 3/8/2016 7:06:00 PM
I see so many people are pained and want change in the profession. Please let us start doing something about it and not just talk. Let's all come together and scold NNAMN and NMCN. To the writer of this article, I would say you are 70% wrong, and did not do a thorough research before writing. As much as I agree with some of your point and your tough love concern for the profession, you just threw a challenge and I hope we are ready to take it.
Bola | 3/13/2016 4:18:00 PM
Nigerians are horrible people, they prefer the services of auxiliary nurse who they can shout on, they pretend to hate nursing but come and see Nigerians overseas struggling to become nurses because of money
Glory | 4/8/2016 11:56:00 PM
Sir. I support all the point you make so far. our big Nurses in NMCN Feel that office is their fathers parlor that they will remain there for ever. They don't want BNSC Nursing because they Feel d young nurses with BNSC will excel than them in future but God will JUDE them
Emperor | 4/19/2016 2:46:00 PM
Thank you for going such length in your research.I have cried bitterly on the way people regard nurses. Its not their fault but that of the council board personnels. For the dues for acquisition of RN, i must tell you that its increasing day by day and because of greed and quest for money, the board keep on failing and frustrating aspiring nurses so as to earn more from them in their subsequent re-registration for council exam.
amaefule | 5/9/2016 8:26:00 PM
sorry sir. if ur problem is internship program for graduate nurses why not be specific and possible suggest a way out to the problem. stop running down d image of nursing. beside u mentioned a phisiotherapist demanding for a patient folder. yes he is right nurses are ward managers they are unique in their field. so most Nigeria graduate nurses always want to compete with house officer and their basis duties in the ward they don't know.
Chaps | 5/21/2016 3:20:00 AM
Ignorant insensitive post on Nursing profession. Go make comprehensive study b4 making generalization. Man if u ar subjected 2 Nursing counsil exams, i assure u 2be a complete failure.
meme | 5/23/2016 5:24:00 PM
This poster is a moron,biology students passing Council exam? Why not bring ur 5 yrs old child to write and pass confidently. What has Goodluck Jonathan got to do with d way nurses are treated? Or is he also in the wards? Pls u must stop taking whatever u are high on cos is not good for u
Josephine | 7/23/2016 2:29:00 AM
Most Nigerians do not respect themselves nor valve their lives as a nurse in Nigeria,you receive all sorts of insult from Nigerians but surprisely most Nigeria who relocate overseas eventually become nurses out of frustration,when they abroad they search for job in other profession but never get any
stica | 9/12/2016 7:33:00 PM
writer, u are very wrong when u say nursing council exam very cheap . u say getting bsc nursing in open university what do expect a practicing nurse in Nigeria who wishes to upgrade his or self do . in the hospital u practice no study leave with pay will be given for a four yr program in bsc nursing. if u try to do d regular program on ur own u Wii be having problems with ur office cos u have much excuses for not coming to work that serving 2 masters at a time. nursing educational system in Nigeria is too frustrating. look at Ghana here they honor 2 year bsc nursing for RN. our nursing council is a failure I don't know if they don't see how other countries are carrying on the affairs of registered nurses in their countries . our nursing council are wicked greedy and selfish may God help us
Dr. Oguntunji I.O | 1/30/2017 9:36:00 PM
The writer of this article lack manner. You have failed to protect other profession in the course of molesting your nursing profession. You said that when blunders were committed by CHEWs they mistake them for nurses due to uniform. Were CHEWs not professionally trained? Why are you careless about your expressions? Guard your taught very well. Even why making recommendations to authorities in your profession for positive change, be constructive and respectful. Dear writer, learn to write for public consumption. Oguntunji I.O., Ph.D., CHEW
Cencia | 5/18/2017 7:56:00 PM
I am a BSc, RN,RM,RPHN..... a Doctor cannot pass our exam nt to talk of the rest (pharmacyand their likes) but every other thing you said here was well said, I given u kudos, you did your research very well
Yinka | 9/28/2017 9:03:00 PM
We do not have to blame nursing council for the problems in the profession l will blame Nigerians for not adding valve to their nurses. It is a sin to be a nurse in Nigeria. Nigerians do not know what they are doing by spoiling the image of their nurses by paronising quacks. Come and see Nigerians ouersea rushing for nursing career
Oluchukwu | 10/9/2017 9:30:00 PM
The writer of this article is a disappointment to journalism and journalists. The money used to train you in the school of journalism is a waste, that is if you went to one. My uncle is a journalist and I think to a great extent I know somethings about journalism. Even with your disclaimer you did a very bad job. I am of the same opinion with Dr Oguntunji who asked you to guard you thoughts. A rational person, before making judgement seeks information from all angles before arriving at conclusions. I stop here for you. For my fellow Nurses who are giving kudos to this writer, I say its a pity that you join an outsider to rundown your profession, regulatory body and union , all because you feel he is scoring cheap goals as regards issues affecting nursing and nurses as a whole. I wish to state that in the past some wrongs were done, this is the time to right the wrongs, but not this way. My observation here is that most people who belong to the profession do not know what it takes to belong to the profession or even to move it forward. The only challenge I see here is the challenge of writing a paper that seeks to address the issues raised here without verification and irrationality in other words give answers and explanation as regards the wrong information given here. I want to end by saying that no other person, group and profession has the right to say or do what will happen in, to and for Nurses. It is nursing and nurses who have rights over these. Be properly guided please.