By Faith Cometh (2)
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Pastor TB Joshua

Throughout the years, The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (The SCOAN) has given birth to a number of ministries, all with the ultimate design of propagating the Gospel to the four corners of the world. On March 16, 2006, Emmanuel TV, an evangelical outlet belonging to The SCOAN, began its incredible journey to take the Message of grace and truth into the homes and hearts of people across the globe. Since its inception, testimonies of God's grace, goodness and glory have been pouring in from people of every colour, culture and creed under the influence of its programmes - indisputable evidence that distance is not a barrier for the Holy Spirit.

In the home of Ignatius Achazie, a management consultant and his wife, Happiness, a Nigerian couple living in Swaziland, there is one channel – Emmanuel TV. Explaining their passion for the channel, Ignatius said: “It got to the stage that we didn't even put on any other station… even as I am here its on in my house! We don't tune in to any other station”. Particularly touched by the simple teaching, he said: “Somebody doesn't need to tell you that a man of God is talking because his messages are so simple and straight and his words easily capture the mind of anybody who pays attention to them… So it's natural that you develop a kind of love for the station, for his preaching and for the church”.

However, the couple who had been happily married for one year, found themselves face to face with a tumultuous trial in their relationship – inability to bear children. Doctors' tests revealed a tube blockage and an operation was scheduled as the only means of solution. However, the couple had been waxing strong in their faith, encouraged by the incredible testimonies they witnessed every day on Emmanuel TV, they decided to refuse the operation and stand firm in their faith. Reminiscing, Ignatius said: “I said no pills, no operation, let's look on to God”.

Ignatius boldly told his wife that this was not his portion as a child of God, remembering a promise the Creator gave him in a dream. “I have heard God say, 'I will bless your children in a dream. If God said He will bless my children, how can I marry a barren woman? She is my wife, therefore, she is supposed to be fertile based on this promise of God for our lives”. His belief rested solely on God, the Provider and Author of life.

Happiness recalls the trial time: “I had been watching Emmanuel TV regularly – and whenever people are giving testimony, I would be crying and saying, 'All these people are like me – why can't I receive my own blessing as they are receiving theirs?' ”

After months of praying and fasting, Ignatius vividly remembers what happened one day in his office. He said: “I was just working in my office when something came into my mind that – 'why don't you connect your internet and log onto the Emmanuel Television website' ”. Ignatius listened to his mind, and proceeded to submit a prayer request online regarding his wife's predicament. Ignatius said: “About one week later, I had a response for that request. They said that we should pray along with the prophet when he prayed and that we should also trust in God that distance is not a barrier - and I believed”.

From then, whenever Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying, the couple joined him and laid hands on the screen, with faith for a miracle child, knowing that distance was truly not a barrier to the Holy Spirit. Happiness remarked,: “I always touched the screen and prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua whenever he prayed for the viewers… When he was praying, I was crying and calling on God.”

Then, one momentous day, without any prior indication, an incredible miracle was discovered. Happiness was pregnant! With no operation, human help or medication, God divinely unblocked her damaged tubes and gave the couple His wonderful blessing. Ignatius joyfully recalls: “We went back to the doctor and it was confirmed that she was pregnant! I thank God that he heard our prayer”.

Happiness is now several months pregnant – a medical impossibility. Full of gratitude for what God has done in the life of his family, Ignatius promised to bless others, “I am asking Him to give me the grace of salvation and I will promise I will always contribute to the cause of the poor and help whoever God enables me to help.” Advising those who are waiting for their own miracle, Happiness says: “I will advise that they continue waiting on God and one day, God will surely answer their prayer.”

The testimony of Ignatius and Happiness echoes those of thousands of others who have been blessed, enriched and changed through Emmanuel TV. We give glory to God – what a real privilege to be an extension of God's arm to the masses through this medium!

SOURCE: Faith Cometh (2)