How Do We Revert To Our First Love?

By Daily Graphic

Dear Nana Ama,

I am 19 and about to gain admission to a tertiary institution, while she will turn 25 in December 2009 and is gainfully employed in Koforidua but comes to Accra very often.

My girlfriend happens to be my landlady’s daughter but until recently no one knew about our secret relationship. Unfortunately, her elder brother became suspicious and questioned her about our relationship but she denied that we were lovers.

After that day, everything began to fall on the rocks. She hardly spends time with me, although she claims she still loves me and wishes to spend the rest of her life with me.

However, the way things are going makes it hard for me to believe her claim.

I really love her and I’m afraid of losing her (of all the ladies I've come across so far, she seems to be my dream lady). The big problem is, how do we revert to our initial love and the way things were between us?

Abeku, Cape Coast

Dear Abeku,

As long as your girlfriend denies that you are lovers, she may not be able to keep up the relationship with you at the same level it used to be before her elder brother questioned her.

As long as she denies her relationship with you, she must, through her actions, make him believe her. And that means being distant in her interactions with you.

Have a chat with her and tell her about your worries. You must sort out issues concerning your relationship because if she denies it then there surely is something she may not be comfortable about and this must be resolved if you are to make progress in the relationship.