Why Do Students, Parents Attack Teachers?

By Daily Graphic

Dear Auntie Betty,

I am a boy who is 14 years old. I attend a preparatory school at Elubo. I am always worried when students insult, curse or even harm a teacher when they are punished for wrongdoing.

Some parents attack teachers and seniors when their children are punished. I am a senior and fear that someone will curse me when I punish him or her for going against school rules. What should I do?

Harry, Elubo.

Dear Harry,

It is the duty of every child or student to respect and obey his/her teacher. Teachers are your role models and they act as your parents while in school.

That is why they are always expected to lead exemplary lives for you to emulate. Since they represent your parents, you have to accord them the respect you give to your parents.

No matter how old or young a teacher is, once he/she is in charge of the class, you have to respect him/her. Both at home and in school you are brought up to be disciplined.

Therefore, when you go contrary to the rules set for you, you are put right, either by your parents or teachers. So it is not a good habit to attack a teacher when you are punished for wrongdoing.

You need to be responsible for your actions. Teachers do not punish out of hatred but love. However, if you think a particular teacher is picking on you, for no reason, you have to report to your headteacher or your guidance and counselling teacher, if you have one, to solve the matter amicably, rather than you or your parents attacking the teacher.

As a senior, you do not have to punish someone simply because he/she is your junior. Even when a junior does something wrong, you do not always have to punish him or her. Sometimes you only have to correct him/her without any punishment.

If you are not fond of punishing people on the least mistake they make, they will not pick on you and be mean to you. So even when you correct your juniors, show them love. Explain to them why they should not do what they did again and I believe there will be peace.

It is, however, wrong for students or parents to curse, harm or insult teachers and seniors. It does not show respect. two wrongs never make a right so tell all your friends who are seniors not to bully the young ones but to show them love. With time things will change.