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Karen Igho hit it big when she won the Big Brother Amplified Reality Show,but what most people don't know is weird fashionistas and Channel O presenter, Denrele Edun actually played a major role in her success story.

In a recent interview with Saturday Sun, Denrele opened up on how he made Karen rich and famous.

According to Denrele, he got the Big Brother Africa's application form Karen. “Karen and I met in 2007, when she gate-crashed into my birthday party; there and then we hooked up, exchanged numbers and became friends.

She told me about her plans of going for a reality show. Then I just finished hosting the Next Movie Star so the following year I got her onto the show and she ended up among the top 7.

After that, I got her a role in Omo Ghetto part 2 for her to have a feel of what movie production really looks like. I also helped her into Timaya and Tu Shots' music video.

After all these, she asked me what next?

Then , I remembered the BBA application form and that the deadline was the following day, so I took the form to her hotel room for her to fill. I even filled the form for her because her handwriting was very horrible, you know, she is as hyperactive as I am. She is never settled. I asked her things I didn't know about her and filled the form for her.

Of course, this is an industry that is not fair to anybody. Nobody cares about what the next person is doing. If you see people who try to move the next person forward, please encourage them. For me, it is not a competitive industry but everybody sees the other person as a competitor. This is an industry that is so vast and there is enough place for everyone, and we all can make things happen. If I can be relevant since 1995 to this very day, it is because of my input in other people's life. I invest in people and I don't want any money from anybody. I don't want anything from Karen. She is just a friend and I am happy that she has attained this level and I am part of her success story.

There are so many people like that who I have helped. I took Brymo to Chocolate City, look at him today. Even Bracket, I helped pushed their song, Yori-Yori. There are so many that come to me everyday for help and I do my best for them.”