Am I Too Old To Be In School?

By Daily Graphic
Dear Auntie Betty, I am a boy of 18 and in Class Six. I left my home town when I was nine and came to Accra to push trucks. Two years later, I realised my mistake, so I decided to go to school.

But anytime I come across some of my friends who are in secondary school now, they laugh at me. They say that they would have stopped schooling if they were in my shoes.

This makes me feel uneasy and ashamed of myself. Auntie, should I go back and push trucks?


Dear Ayenab, No, you should never go back and push trucks. It was good you realised the importance of education and, therefore, went back to school.

Your mates may mock you now, but if they realise you are not discouraged by their taunts, they will stop. What you can do now is to put more effort in your studies so that you perform brilliantly and your friends who mock you today will respect you.

Education is the key to success and it has neither barrier nor age limits.

There are several examples of adults who have now started schooling because they missed the opportunity when they were young. It is better to get your education now while you are still young without any serious responsibility.

You can choose a different route to school to avoid their teasing, but never stop schooling. Formal education will open opportunities for you to progress in life, so stay in school and you'll never regret it. All the best.