Source: Joseph Akahome -

The fuss and furor over the elections for the Actors Guild of Nigeria, (AGN), appears to have simmered down, with the two principal characters in the unfolding drama, Emeka Ike and Segun Arinze, sheathing their swords at least for the time being.

However this uneasy calm may turn out to be the harbinger of impending turmoil as reports indicate that there is no effort by both parties to yield grounds to the other.

Apparently, Emeka Ike, who secured a court injunction restraining the Segun Arinze led faction from conducting the elections seems to have the upper hand at the moment as the elections earlier slated for November failed to hold.

Speaking with Nigerian Entertainment Today on the issue, AGN president, Segun Arinze however insisted that the delay in the conduct of the elections was only due to a little hitch on the part of the electoral committee to get things in order and not because of any court order.

He insisted that the elections which will come up sometime next year will definitely be held. 'There are no controversies about the issue, and I can assure you that the elections will definitely be conducted sometime next year. However at the moment, no definite date has been set yet'.