By NBF News

LAGOS-A Lagos State High Court has again adjourned a federal government's case against two brothers, Fidelis Anosike and Noel Anosike, after the new lawyer to Anosikes, Babajide Koku (SAN), asked the court for an adjournment, following his inability to study the case file due to his late arrival from Abuja.

The new counsel to the Anosikes, Babajide Koku (SAN), pleaded for an adjournment, saying he arrived from Abuja late and had not had enough time to study the case file in order for him to respond appropriately.

Fidelis and his brother, Noel, were charged on a 21-count of conspiring to siphon several billions of Naira from the coffers of Daily Times Nigeria, and allegedly making false representations to the Bureau of Public Enterprises, BPE, by presenting themselves as rightful people with majority shares in Daily Times, Nigeria.

Lamenting the adjournment, the federal prosecutor, Akin Akintewe, SAN, told the court that the case had suffered too much delay.

He said: 'The case has been stalled for too long. The earlier we get over the trial the better, but since the new counsel has requested for an adjournment in order for him to study the file we have to wait.'

It will be recalled that an Ikeja High Court had earlier issued a bench warrant for the arrest of the Anosike brothers, on the ground that they were evading the court. But when they appeared in court on September, the court was convinced that the Anosikes' were not on the run as speculated.

However, presiding judge, Habeeb Abiru, adjourned the case to December 15, 2011 to enable the defendants lawyer study the case file.