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'At my old age, I cannot forget you, my beloved mother, neither can I forget you my beloved father. I received so much special loving attention from you both that my memory of my growth cannot be forgotten.

'As I was getting out of my teenage, I was bogged with the poser of which one of you was more important than the other. The Bible says that mother was drawn from the flesh of father by the Almighty God, for creation, i.e., that father who came from the soil of this earth was the first created and hence mother must obey and serve.

'I tried very hard to get into the memory area and period of my sojourn in the womb but unfortunately, the Almighty God says, 'no way'. But somehow, the link between me and you, my mother, as I came into the world defined the special relationship I must have shared with you whilst I was in the womb. My soul and spirit dissolve and desire to pet and spoil you, to shower you with my love and appreciation of the great devotion and care you harvested in me, under the extreme conditions existing during the periods of my procreation and development into adulthood.

'I believe that your husband, my father, will not feel jealous of you that I am writing this about you now. I loved and still love him too and I am sure that he will not forget his mother, my grandmother, who pampered him into a loving human being that he was. I do also observe the great love my son has for his mother, my beloved wife. It is beautiful and I feel joyfully jealous and happy'.

The blessed man above is talking of mother human which we must not ignore. We can compare her to our Mother Earth that owns us all and suffers tremendously from all angles of attack - the sun and atomic rays, the rain, the wind, etc and then us. We till, plough, sow, and plant on it, confident to harvest and reap plentifully. We build on it to shelter us for greater procreation and growth. This is super earth motherhood from which human motherhood certainly sprang.

Evolution has engulfed our existence on earth and has challenged the human to delve into both revolutionary as well as evolutionary trends, some of which seem to be challenging God's intentions for our existence. These actions stem from the journey of a human from the womb to adulthood. This journey's results depend mostly on the motherhood contact available at the childhood era/period.

For a healthy community, a smooth and caring motherhood is required. This, of course, must shoot from the family level where the father and mother have their roles and responsibilities for the child for growth and development. Here the father is the Director General (DG) while the mother is the General Manager (GM). In any useful establishment, the GM controls and manages all activities and ensures that the outputs reach excellent characteristics.

From the wonderful conception into the womb, the GM (mother} suffers and caters for the embryo through to the birth day. This single act is most amazing and the DG (father) is on the side praying and depending on the capability of his GM to deliver beautifully and healthily, a healthy baby.

After delivery ('production') the GM now has the full authority and expertise to manage and control the development/maintenance of the product (baby). Through the provision of healthy breast milk, lovely caring and attention for the baby's exposure to its new world and giving it the knowledge of language and confidence through trust of the closest human to it, the baby becomes very attached to her and follows the guidance and control from her, the GM (mother). This DG (the father), has a control of security and safety which may hinge on financial as well as mental and spiritual support, directed with total devotion to the family's advancement.

The greatness of any family lies in and stems from the greatness of the womanhood of that family which absorbs the trials and tribulations that gear up during the upbringing of the child whose embracement of love and unity concepts is an attribute to the mother who patiently and lovingly donated her comfort to it up to its adult age.

The greatness of a nation therefore hinges and depends on the greatness of its womanhood which provides super motherhood that bears and breeds super patriots. This is a natural attribute that cannot be questioned. A nation with ugly womanhood is a miserable entity that will suffer from disunity and madness as the products of the wombs will grow like ugly sources.

In the early stages of human development, it was observed that every nation or community maintained its entity through womanhood as the males went on wars and the females remained to cater for the offspring. I believe that the woman owns this world we live in and hence men hunt for the best from any part of the world. This means that every nation must preserve its sources of great womanhood for the greatness of itself.

For our poor underdeveloped Nigeria, we must appreciate our womanhood and preserve it from onslaughts from other well-developed entities.

Nwachukwu writes from Lagos.