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Revealed! Amazing Lifestyle of Nigerian Pastors’ Wives FOLU ADEBOYE

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Folu Adeboye is the wife of Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. She is a veteran teacher who started her teaching career as a spinster and in the course of her life acquired various teaching skills. She is fondly called Mummy G.O; Mrs. Adeboye is a strong pillar, a visionary and a wonderful planner who complements the efforts of her husband. Her sterling attributes have helped her husband to obey God's command to become great.

One thing many can attest to is the fact that she loves being modest in all she does; she does not like being flamboyant just like her husband. She carved out a style for herself that has become hers. Any time she is spotted, one is bound to see her mostly dressed in skirt suit and a hat to match; if she is doing traditional, she makes sure that whatever she wears depicts her as a woman of desirable quality.

The hat has become her trademark of sort. Though, she is chauffeur driven all the time, she prefers the not too loud auto mobiles because of her belief. It is also rare to see her wearing jewelries; this also applies to her make-ups.

She is the director of Teen and Children Ministry, RCCG, president of Good Women Ministry, an educationist and a practical theologian.
She is a role model to a lot of women and in great demand in Christian conferences, seminars and programmes in Nigeria and beyond. She is blessed with four biological children.

Yemisi Ashimolowo is the wife of Pastor Ashimolowo, the senior pastor of KICC, the fastest growing church in Western Europe where over 10,000 members worship every Sunday. As the resident pastor of KICC's lead church, and the head of KICC's Winning Women Ministry, Pastor Yemisi oversees the spiritual lives of more than 5,000 women. Her personal ministry is to equip women of God with the necessary knowledge; gifts and talents to enable them reach their potential in Christ.

Yemisi is very active in her husband's ministry. She is a woman who has decided not to stay behind the door but just next to her husband.
One thing that is noticeable about this respected lady is her love for good things of life; a thing that is often preached by her husband. Her jewelries though are moderate but those who know her claim she spends a lot on this fashion item. Another thing that takes some part of her money is her shoes; we were informed that she shops at the best stores in the world. Because of her big frame, she likes to adorn clothes that compliment her. And she likes her hair mostly to flow backwards; either in fringes, braids or fixing of long hair. She is blessed with two sons, Tobi and Tomi.

She is the widow of the popular late man of God, Most Rev. Prof. Benson Idahosa of the Church of God Mission. She is the presiding bishop of the church. The pretty mother was born on the 29th of July 1943 into the royal lineage of the Benin Kingdom. She is the first female Pentecostal Bishop of a ministry in Africa. She is one of the powerful female pastors Nigeria has produced.

Margaret Idahosa is stylish in every sense; though she's advancing in age, this has in no way altered her love for fashion. The very articulate soul winner many years ago fell in love with American soul singer Anita Baker and ever since she has stuck with her style. A good number of times when you see Margaret Idahosa, it is most certain that she will wear the Anita Baker Hair Style. Though, once in a while she changes this unique style of hers, but even when she's not wearing the Anita Baker's style, she will be wearing another short hair style.

She is also a perfect example of how a virtuous woman should dress.

She is the wife of the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi. She was the administrator of the church in London before she became the first lady of the church. The 65 years old who was never married got hooked to her husband on the 13th of October 2010, in London. She was one of the 15 founding members of the church in 1973 and she became the lucky wife of the handsome preacher after his late wife, Biodun Kumuyi died in 2009.

And just like where she resided before the arrow of Pastor Kumuyi pierced her heart, she is known to be a conservative to the core. Her dress sense is unadventurous yet sits well on her. Her trademark however is her hat which we learnt can take a fortune off her purse. She does not like jewelries at all; and this is said to be because of her belief that has been with her for over four decades. Those who know her claimed she would have loved to be at the background but her union with Pastor Kumuyi eroded this love of hers.

Faith Oyedepo is the wife of Rev. David Oyedepo, the founder of the Living Faith Church worldwide AKA, Winners Chapel.

For some months, the woman of God battled with an unexplainable illness but she came out victorious. Faith Oyedepo played a vital role in her husband's ministry. In her teachings, she focuses on the family, marriage and healing.

Faith Oyedopo has a unique style that has not changed for many years. She juggles between skirt suit and traditional wears. Though, she does not like her dressing to be on the loud side, that however is not the same with her love for jewelries; the better half of the flamboyant pastor likes to expend a lot on jewelries. Another thing that is noticeable about Pastor Faith is her hair. She likes her hair short and hardly would you see her in long hair. But if you think she likes fixing the hair on her head then you got it totally wrong. Pastor Faith has a mannequin that she sends to her hair stylist who in turn makes hair on a wig. The wig will then be taken to her to wear. This became her style after her battle with ill heath, we were told. She drives all the flamboyant cars her husband drives and she has no apology for living a good life. She and her husband are blessed with four children-David Jr. Isaac, Love and Joy.

Peace Okonkwo is the first lady of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) headed by Bishop Okonkwo. The 59-year old pretty wife met her husband in the church where they were both youth members of the church. Being a shy person, Pastor Okonkwo confided in her elder sister to tell her he likes her and they started their relationship from there.

Peace Okonkwo is a different breed of believers; though she keeps by the tenet of the religion but she is liberal when it comes to her dress sense. She is loud with her mode; her clothes, her jewelries and also other fashion accessories. Unlike most that won't touch trousers, she does not see anything wrong in wearing it. She even wears jeans at times with a good shirt to complement it. Aside this, she makes up and she does not toy with her hair. Though most times she likes hiding her hair in a hat or head tie but that in no way diminishes her love to keep her hair glowing all the time. Peace takes time to look after her family, she ensures that her husband eats her food when she cooks; according to those who have the ears of the Okonkwos, the Bishop hardly eats because he fasts almost everyday. So any day he is off fasting, Peace makes sure she cooks his food..
They are blessed with children.

Helen is the wife of popular founder of Word of the Bible Church, Pastor Ayo Orishejafor. The pretty wife who is fondly called “Mama” by friends and members of the church is the right hand of the popular pastor who is known for his aggressive way of preaching. She is the assistant pastor in the church. Herself and her husband got married after the death of his first wife, Stella.

She is the Chief Executive Officer of Eagle Flight Microfinance Bank. Mama Helen, as she is fondly called holds a regular TV show on African Broadcasting Network, “Mama Helen And You”. She is a woman of style and her trademark is the flamboyant way she ties her headgear.

Nike Adeyemi is the first lady of Day Star Christian Centre, Oregun, Lagos. The church that is headed by the couple has drawn thousands of Nigerian youth to the mega church. She is a 43-year old mother of three who graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife where she studied Architecture. Pastor Nike, as she is fondly called by people is a woman who is very visible in the ministry which is co-headed by her and the husband, Sam Adeyemi. The soft-spoken wife of popular Sam Adeyemi plays a major role in the church and is loved by all because of her simple and humble nature. Nike also heads various organizations that basically address all the issues that women go through daily in relationship with one another, their families and the society at large. She drives a BMW car and she loves to dress moderately.

Anita Oyakhilome is the wife of Christ Embassy's Chris Oyakhilome who is popularly known as Pastor Chris. Anita is the Director of the Christ Embassy's International Office; she also pastors the branch in the United Kingdom.

Her husband, Chris Oyakhilome is a popular televangelist who is known for his “Atmosphere for miracle” TV broadcast aired nationwide. Just like the husband, Anita is flashy. Her skin colour also adds to her flamboyancy that anything she wears comes out showy on her. Her hair is rich and natural. Anywhere she steps, her presence will be felt because she has this arresting aura around her. All what she wears we were told are from high streets around the world. She spends money on what will add to her beauty because she knows money is not spent elsewhere except on planet earth. She is a mother of two children.

She is married to Prophet Samson Ayorinde, the General Overseer of World Evangelism Bible Church, Lagos. She was a devout Muslim who converted to Christianity. Besides running programmes with her husband, she has a passion for those seeking children and she reaches out to such people through her programme called 'Operation Fruitfulness'. She also runs a widow's ministry. The mother of five is a poultry science graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

The pretty, amiable and soft-spoken prophetess is loved and respected because of her friendly nature.

She is the pretty wife of the Fountain of Life's Pastor Taiwo Odukoya. The beautiful slim woman is from South Africa. She was formerly Miss Rosemary Simangele Zulu before she got hooked to the founder of the church few years after the death of his first wife, Bimbo Odukoya.

The pretty wife who was a United Kingdom based music director met her husband during one of his many trips overseas.
According to members of the church, Rosemary Odukoya is a gentle and calm woman who doesn't intimidate any one with her status as the bride of the foremost preacher. Rosemary has never made it obvious to any one that she is the wife of the highly esteemed man of God; she'll rather do things herself, than wait for an aide to help her out. But if there is anything she loves most, it's said to be her hair.
Her long hair is one pleasure she holds dear to her heart. Most times, she employs the services of a stylist around the Ikeja axis who takes care of her hair. Even when she was going to the UK, she wanted her stylist to follow her so as to attend to her most treasured asset. That the husband commands so much respect in the society has not changed the way she carries herself or behaves to others. She's so humble that in a short while, many have been making her a worthy model to take after.

Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi is the first lady of Global Harvest Churches International and wife of popular Ibadan based Pastor Victor Adeyemi, who is also a brother to popular Sam Adeyemi, pastor of Day Star Christian Centre.

Mama, as she is fondly called is noted for her unique style of delivery on the pulpit. She preaches with great passion and illustration in an exclusive way.

Pastor Jumoke holds a masters degree in Personnel Psychology from University of Ibadan. She is a mother of four kids, Charlotte, Jemimah, Sharon and Arnold.

Evelyn is adorable wife of the General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of all Nations. The beautiful wife is also a minister at the Synagogue Church. She is said to be a woman who is the next most powerful force behind the popular pastor, T.B Joshua, a workaholic and a wonderful counselor who complements her husband. Evelyn, in an interview, said she counts herself very lucky among women to have T.B Joshua as a husband.

No one knew about the existence of this beautiful wife of controversial pastor until she was revealed and interviewed some few years ago. Many people wondered who the better-half of the bearded pastor was not until she came out in the open. She is beautiful no doubt but the things of the world do not attract her so much that she just loves being moderate with the way she puts her clothes together. There is no gain saying that the husband is one of the richest in the evangelism world but that does not translate her into being ostentatious.

Stephanie is the beautiful wife of Chris Okotie, the pastor and founder of Household of God, Lagos. The Calabar born pretty lady who was once a widow became Pastor Okotie's wife three years ago. According to her funky husband, Chris, he got married to Stephanie because she is the most unique individual that he has met in his entire life.

The couple got married on the 7th of August 2008 in a three-day elaborate ceremony. The beautiful first lady of the Household of God is in her 40s and a mother of three. Aside Kris Okotie buying many cars for her, she was recently blessed with the latest edition from the Honda family, known as Cross Tour. She spends a lot on her hair; she permanently wears Brazilian Human Hair that costs between N150,000 and N200,000. Also, whenever it comes to her clothes, she disburses lots of money to appear gorgeous.

Pastor Sister Joy Muoka is the wife of the general overseer of the Lord Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Lazarus Muoka. She was a former top shot of Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency, (NDLEA). Joy grew up in the United Kingdom but later relocated to Nigeria. She is easy- going and a simple dresser. She is in her early 40s and they have been married for more than six years.

Ibidun is the beautiful and gorgeous wife of Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, a top pastor Nigeria has produced, who is a chartered accountant and former pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Christ's Church Parish, Gbagada. She runs an event planning outfit, Elizabeth R, her company plans the events of high rated Nigerians, the rich, and the mighty.
She is an elegant woman whose beauty is adored by many. The stunning beauty won the first maiden Edition of the then Miss Lux contest.

She is the co-pastor of Victorious Army Ministries, and wife to the General Overseer of the church, Rev. Joseph Agboli. Mama Blessing, as she is fondly called is recognized for her courage, agility and unique ability to prepare men and women for leadership, making them realize their potentials and purpose of existence.

She is a trained nurse, a native of Akumaji, in Ika Local Government Area of Delta State. She had her primary and secondary education in Agbor, Delta State where she obtained a certificate and later went to Ghana to study nursing.
Anyone who knows Blessing Agboli will tell that she has unrepentant love for jewelries. Any time she steps out, her jewelry collection alone is said to worth over a million naira.

She is the general overseer of the Victory Christian Church, Badagry. Nkechi Anayo-Iloputaife assumed headship after her husband's death in 1995. She is known to be a strong woman who has the leadership spirit of a man. The church has more than 10 branches to boast of.

Ifeyinwa is the pretty wife of Pastor Paul Adefarasin, the General Overseer of the House On The Rock. Ifeyinwa can pass for a beauty queen. She is easy going and quite natural. She is blessed with three children, Hilda Adebola, Alvin Adegboyega and Alexander Adekunle.
Ify is another stylish woman of excellence. She drives a Range Rover that has a personalized registration number. Blessed with good figure and a wonderful skin; the lady behind the strong man of House on the Rock knows how to put her garb together. She loves mild jewelries.

Connie is the stylish wife of Pastor Anselm Madubuko of Revival Assembly. She is known to be one of Nigeria's stylish pastor's wives. She wears a low cut and a stylish patch of grey hair which serves as her trademark. She hails from Umodo in Ezi, Oshimilli Local Government Area of Delta State. She was born into a family of nine and happens to be the fourth. She worked with Ibon International Computers Limited before venturing into full time ministry with her husband, Apostle Anselm Madubuko. She is blessed with three wonderful children.

Sade Olukoya is the beautiful wife of Pastor Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries. She is blessed with a beautiful and unique voice that thrills the church audience and she also authors so many books. She is blessed with a son.
Sade who is the other half of Pastor Kumuyi is also conservative when it comes to her dress sense. She does not put on earrings neither does she wear any form of jewelries. What she can not do without is her hat. Most times, she can't complete her attire without a matching hat.

She is the wife of popular Ibadan based bishop, Francis Wale Oke who is the president and founder of the Sword of Spirit Ministries.

She is the delectable wife of the General Overseer of Christ Chapel International Ministries, Tunde Joda. She is the co-founder of the church, a passionate and dynamic preacher.

She is the widow of the late Rev. Oduyemi, the founder of Bethel Worship Centre For All Nations, a.k.a Wonder City. Since the death of her husband years back, the Cameroonian widow has been able to stand firmly and project the church. She is known to be a vast, articulate and an excellent preacher. When the husband was alive, he was one of the few pastors that had private jet. Now that she is in total control of the late husband's estates, she makes sure she enjoys the fruit of her late husband's hard-work. She has many cars at her beck and call. Aside the cars, she also exudes opulence with her garb; from her clothes to her accessories, she makes sure these fashion items blow your mind whenever you come in to contact with her.
She is a mother of many children, both biological and spiritual.

Lanre Samson is the wife of General Overseer of Christ Royal Family International Church, Tom Samson (Fire for fire pastor who loves to dress in military uniform). Just like her husband, she is known to be a vast preacher. Her love for wonder autos is legendary; she drives all her husband's cars aside the ones she has personally.
She is blessed with four children-Wale, Tom, Stanley and Precious.

Toyin is the wife of the founder of Rhema Chapel International, Rev. George Adegboye. She is a soft- spoken woman who loves to co-ordinate the affairs of the church silently, from the background. She is fondly known as “faith mummy', she is well loved by the congregation of the church and oversees the church when her husband is not around.
She is blessed with three children, Faith, Faithful and Faithfulness.

She is the beautiful wife of the senior pastor/founder of fast growing, Christ Living Spring Apostolic Church (CLAM). Pastor Wole Oladiyun. Unknown to many, Bukola is a proprietress of J-Nissi Children School, Ogba and also the Director of Family Life and pastorates in the church. Bukola prefers cool colours for her apparels. Her eye pair of glasses is her trade mark.
She is blessed with four children, Ayomide, Oluwadamipe, Imisioluwa and Inioluwa.

Funke Adejumo is the wife of Bishop Adejumo, the founding pastor of Agape Christian Ministries. She is an English graduate and an accomplished pastor and teacher. Her great passion for womanhood has led her to establish the Grace Orphanage and Children's Hospital.
She is blessed with three children and some adopted children.