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Pastor in-charge-of Vincent Paul Ministries Int'l, New York, U.S.A, Dr. Paul Vincent, has urged Christians and the church across the globe to be on fire for Christ.  Quoting Revelation: 3: 15-16, Vincent admonished them to repent from the sin of lukewarmness and go all out for God or face damnation at the end.

In his latest edition of E-Newsletter, Vincent said God is looking for people to be on fire for Him. 'He wants us to be so hot and on fire for Him that everyone around us and the world as a whole will both know it and feel it that we're on fire for our God. God wants our fire for Him to be unmistakable so that it'll be impossible for anyone not to notice.'

Vincent, who is celebrating his marriage anniversary on August 14, noted, 'Recently, New York & most of America have experienced severe heat wave & hot weather that reached as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit! During this time, The Lord began to minister to me; that although in the natural we often don't like hot weather & even most people don't like the cold weather either; and when the weather is warm – not so hot & not so cold, we seem to really love it. But that's not necessarily so with God. when it comes to how we relate with Him. The Lord wants us to either be hot or cold but not lukewarm.'

He said further, 'Just like it was almost impossible for anyone in New York and some cities in the U.S. not to notice the extreme heat and hot weather some days ago; I believe the Lord wants us to be filled with His fire in our lives, services and devotion to Him so that every demon in Hell can easily recognize and identify us as children of God ans would not be able to touch us.'

The cleric said it would be painful to the Lord that despite His love and sacrificial death for the world, one is cold in one's relationship towards Him.

He explained that lukewarmness in relationship with Christ or service to Him means there is no conviction, commitment, consistency, enthusiasm, excitement, zeal, passion, affection and heartfelt love for Christ. It is also a spiritual condition that makes a Christian to compromise with the word of God and this results in spiritual wretchedness, he stated, adding that Christ warns the spiritually lukewarm Christian and church to repent, else His judgment will be brought upon them.

'This judgment will result in Christ spitting them out of His mouth – meaning that they'll be utterly rejected and cast off. That'll be a very tragic end, unless one repents from the sin of lukewarmness. Friend, you can declare over your life and your relationship with God that there'll be no more lukewarmness, rather, that you'll be on fire for God.