By NBF News

No fewer than 168 winners have emerged from the just-concluded LG Mobile Christmas season's promo with three winners going home with a brand new Kia Picanto car each across the country.

The winners were Alhaji Muniru Zaid-Saba (Lagos Zone), Mr. Olukayode Morenikeji (South West Zone).

With high expertise and skill in five core business areas that include Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance, Air Conditioning and Business Solutions, LG Electronics has achieved outstanding fit in the GSM Technology with the provision of top products development capacity.

Speaking on the promo, the General Manager, LG Electronics, West Africa Operation, Mr. Steve Koh, explained that LG saw the Christmas celebration as another opportunity for the electronic giant to once again bond emotionally with consumers.

His words: 'We recognize the power of love in the lives of our consumers which makes us respond to their yearnings thereby creating an emotional bond with Nigeria.

Other items won by winners from the Northern Nigeria, Southern Nigeria and Lagos regions include five 32' LCD TV, 10 refrigerators, 20 units of 21' Flat TV, 30 microwaves ovens different LG phone models and cash prizes.

The Xmas and New Year promo which kicked off on December 13, 2010 and ended on January 31, 2011 is one of the many ways LG Mobile seeks to sustain happier and lasting relationship with its customers.

The LG Mobile Seasons Phonetastic Promo which was targeted at the GD900, GT540, LGP500, GD880, GW620, GX300, GX500, GX200, LGC310, GW305, LGC105, LGA155, LGA165, KS360, LGX330, KP500, LGT300, LGT310I and GD510 had two classes of benefits (Instant Gifts Give-away & the Raffle Draw) for its winners.

During the promotion, customers who bought of any of the phones from the said range of phone handsets got an instant gift with a raffle draw ticket which was filled and dropped in any of the raffle draw boxes kept at the respective collection centers.

Expressing gratitude to LG, one of the Kia Picanto winners, Alhaji Muniru Zaid-Sabo stated that, 'I am eternally grateful to LG Electronics for giving me the opportunity of winning a brand new Kia Picanto car. This is the first time in my life of participating in a promotion and emerging a winner.