Exclusive: 9ice’s Manager In Face-off With Reporter

Source: Dimeji Ogedengbe - Nigeriafilms.com
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Oladehinde Fajana, the gentleman who manages singer 9ice could not hold back himself when he spotted E-24/7 reporter Odu Black, yesterday at a popular hangout in Lagos.

Fajana, popularly called Mode F, told friends Mr Black, who anchors 'The Reporter' column in E-24/7, had written a lot of 'damaging' articles about him and 9ice in the journal.

In 2010, E-24/7 ran series of cover stories on 9ice and his many controversies – especially the issues of his separation from Toni Payne, his online and offline battles with Ruggedman, and all the drama with his producer ID Cabasa and other Coded Tunes acts.

But the magazine, owned by Biodun Kupoluyi was not alone in the reports. Many newspapers and magazines dedicated generous space to 9ice in 2010 – mostly for reasons other than his music.

When Black accompanied his boss to a meeting of contemporary artistes at 'The Place' yesterday January 31, he could not have expected the embarrassment that met him.

'I walked up to greet someone whom Dehinde was having a conversation with, and I greeted him too, so it won't look like I ignored him, and he started pushing me; saying I wrote damaging stories about 9ice', Black, who was close to tears, told a fellow journalist.

'He wanted to beat me. He kept pushing me!', Odu says.

Eye witnesses say the young reporter was harassed by security as his boss and other colleagues took offense and lashed out at Fajana.

'They've suddenly forgotten where they're coming from', E-24/7 Publisher Kupoluyi said during the incident.

'Only a thug would act like that', a Punch Newspaper correspondent tells us. 'Only a thug. I mean, if you find a report malicious or damaging. Do a rejoinder; go to court, or call the attention of the editors. Don't go about showing how much muscle you have or threatening to beat up reporters'

Our sources say Fajana and Odu Black had a relationship prior to now; and that the outburst could have been a result of other issues both parties know about but might be unwilling to share with third parties.

'I do not see this as a case of artiste manager fighting with a reporter. I know they used to be friends and Odu used to roll with both 9ice and Hman. So I'm sure there's more to this than meets the eyes', an artiste who is close to both parties tells us.

However, after the uproar had been calmed, ID Cabasa had a private talk with the Black and Kupoluyi – the producer was obviously sorry for what 9ice's right-hand man had done, and he apologised profusely…