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I won’t have sex again until marriage—Uche Iwuji


Guys used to dot on Uche Iwuji for so many reasons. She has this smile that can waken a dormant horse and soften the hardest heart. And when her bare breasts began to show up on people's phones via bluetooth two years ago, many more guys were sent into world of lustful fantasy.

But to Uche Iwuji who is a third year Creative Art student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), all these are nothing extraordinary. Her priority if she meets God is to ask for a perfect guy. But the irony of all these, as she told SAMUEL OLATUNJI, is that whoever is ready to fill that yearning need would have to wait for two years. Why? Read on.

It's been a while that you featured in movies, what is happening?
Funny enough, I'm back for real. I have a movie to do soon. I'll be going on location with the likes of Jackie Appiah, Mama G, and the rest. Pot Nuri is the marketer.

What has been occupying your time all these while?
My School.

I thought people said you've stopped schooling?
I have not stopped schooling. I can't stop school because I left the industry for my school. Why would I want to stop? They even said I cut my hair because of my carryovers.

So, what were you looking at to have accumulated so many carryovers?
I don't think I have any carryover. I don't.
From what I saw at AMAA, you were so fat. What went wrong?
Nothing, I just added weight. But I'm back to my normal size now.
What is the normal size now?
I'm size 12.
Does your guy like it like that?
My guy? I don't have any guy. This year, I've never been with a guy. I'm on my own.
Some of us would rob banks for you if you are ready to be with us.
I am not interested (laughter).
When will you go out with a guy?
I am not ready now until I finish my education.
That means you will remain single for the next two years?
Is that a crime?
By the time you are done, you would have become an old woman and all the guys would not be interested.
Is that so? Let them run.
Lets talk about acting, has it been challenging?
Well, it is not that challenging, its just there.
Are you playing the lead role in the new movie you're doing?
Yes, a sub-lead role.
Did you miss acting at all?
Yes, I missed acting.
Did you also miss the money side of it?
No, I didn't miss any money, I am alright, and I'm just doing it because it is my job.
So, how have you been making money?
I have a business that I do.
What business is that?
I invest in shares.
So you are an expert in stocks?
How much do you have in Nigeria Stock Exchange?
Never mind, that is confidential.
There was a time I read in the newspaper that you've stopped going to school, because you were dating an Alhaji whom you were planning to marry.
I never went out with an Alhaji; I once dated a Hausa guy. But all of that is now in the past though. We were in love then.
So, why did the love crash?
It didn't work.
Why? Is it that he didn't do enough or you didn't do enough?
Because we could not work it out.
I read a paper where you said all guys just want to use and dump ladies, how true?
Yes, that's the motive of most guys. A serious guy has to be serious with you, know what you want, support what you do and back you up. But most Nigerian guys are not ready for that. They want you to follow their way.
What is their way?
They want to do their own things their own way. Stop acting, don't go out, don't this, don't do that. That is all they say. And that is not possible for me. If a guy sees me as an actress and loves me, that's how it's going to be.
And I'm sure the Hausa guy asked you to stop acting?
I've moved on. The guy is like…I can't even remember. I've moved on with somebody else and I've broken up with the person. So I'm single again. That Hausa one was like two years ago.
Why are you always breaking up?
It just doesn't work; I've not seen my Mr. Right. When I see the Mr. Right I would stay.
Or is it that you have something that drives them away?
They are not serious. When I see a serious guy, I know.
So, tell me what a serious guy looks like?
He should be devoted now. You plan things with your guy and do things with their support but Nigerian men are not ready for that.
Was that why you said you are resting your body from men?
And what does that mean?
My body is now the Temple of the Holy Ghost. It's not supposed to be for anybody, it is supposed to be with God.
So you're now born-again?
I've always been born-again; I've always been with Jesus.
Okay, if you've always been with Jesus, then why did you give your body to guys you've dated?
Because I was dating them, we were courting. It could lead to marriage, but it didn't work. I had to back out, or did God say we should not date anybody?
But sleeping with them doesn't lead to marriage.
Who told you I sleep with them now? I didn't sleep with them. I don't sleep with guys that I date now. If you tell me you want to marry me, we're going to wait until we get married.
So you have taken that vow until marriage?
When did you make that vow?
I've always made that my principle.
Don't tell me that you are a virgin.
A virgin? No, I'm not a virgin
But when you said you've always made and kept that vow.
Yes. When I started knowing what it is I want. As a woman, you control yourself.
Were there times that you've lost control?
I can't remember because I've not been with a guy for a long time now.
Okay, when did you start knowing your left from right?
Ever since, I've always known my left from my right. I know the difference between good from bad and I try to be right.
Did you feel bad about those nude pictures of yours spreading around the place?
I saw it in the paper and that was it.
But did you feel bad about it?
Why should I feel bad?
But you stopped UNILAG after a while then.
I never stopped UNILAG. I kept on going to school. Why would I want to stop school? What am I stopping school for? I left acting for schooling, so would I now stop school because of one occurrence, it's not possible.
So you did not feel ashamed?
I never felt anything like that.
You must be a tough woman.
Yeah, and besides it's been long it happened and I wonder why you people are still talking about it. Let's talk about new things.
Okay, tell me about the new things that are happening to you.
There's nothing happening. But say new things, don't go back to old occurrences. Why are you bringing an event of three years ago back into memory?
Okay, let me ask you a question. Will you ever sleep with a woman and have you ever slept with a woman?
When that picture came out, some people said maybe you were a lesbian.
I don't know. People can say what they want to say. For me, it was just a picture and it's gone.
Why tattoo, why did you go for a tattoo?
It's the in thing and it's all about entertainment you know. The tattoo is just there.
But did it not send the message of a wild girl?
All American stars have tattoos all over their bodies. Do you see them as wild people? Tattoo is just something you put on your body; it doesn't mean you're wild. If you put the picture of Jesus on your body, does that make you wild? Tattoo has always been in this world, even Africans do tattoo. When they even give birth to some people, they draw something on their skin and stuffs like that to differentiate them from other people. So I don't know why they take it like that.
For how long have you been on the screen?
I started acting in 1999
How did it happen?
I just went to my Godfather, Zeb Ejiro's office and he gave me a role, and that was it.
When did you take a break from the screen?
Last year.
How many movies did you do before your break?
I've done like 30 movies.
Do you think you will find it easy among the new faces when you're back?
Yes, when you are good, it cannot be taken away from you.
So you're a damn good actress?
What should people look forward to from you?
They should look for more movies from me.
Why are you still living with your parents?
My dad still wants me to be with him till I reach the age of 30.
Did you sleep with the last two people you dated?
What is your stand on sex before marriage?
You have to be loyal to yourselves. Sex before marriage is not it. You have to wait until you are married.
What did sex cost you before you took that decision?
Nothing, sex is nothing. It's just a normal thing that two people in love want to do. It doesn't cost anything.
Why did you now decide not to have sex?
For now that's how it's going to be for me. I can't even remember the time I got disvirgined. It's been a long time.
Tell me five of your most memorable films.
Change Of My Heart, Way To The Top, He Lives In Me, Emotional Tears, Aristo, Passion and Pains.
Who has been the most fantastic actor you've ever worked with?
I've worked with so many actors. They all do the same thing.
If you were to meet God and ask Him for anything what will you ask for?
I will ask Him to give me the man of my dreams. That's the priority now.