CPC gives aspirants level playing field - Abia guber candidate

By NBF News
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Gubernetorial candidate of Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, Chief Akoh Atuloma has said his new party is the only party that gives aspirants level playing field to aspire to any position of their choice. He also described CPC as a disciplined, focused party that has the virtues of internal democracy.

He stated this while making known his intentions to run as the governorship aspirant of the party, stating that the vision he had was to see that Abia was redeemed from the clutches of wicked rule. The former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, a strong contender for the governorship seat of the state under PDP, as well as critic of the administration of Governor Theodore Orji said he took the decision after considering so many factors to know that his vision could only be realised through CPC.

'The essence is that I have seen that CPC is very disciplined, focused, has all the virtues of internal democracy, no acts of witch-hunting and there is a level playing ground for all contestants. So I am formally declaring that I am running the governorship race under the platform of CPC,' Atulomah said.

He expressed the belief that since the party had all the virtues he had stated above, it was the party for the people of Abia and 'I a m presenting myself for nomination.' Speaking on why he left the PDP, he said 'I do not want to start bantering words with people. What they do there is what they have been designed to do. If God has a vision for you, He must always find a platform for you. They were witch-hunting in PDP. A party that does not really give a level playing ground for everybody, what type of party is that?', Atulomah queried.

'Like I told you, there are intrigues and witch-hunting. When I went through the PDP screening, the only outstanding issue the panel asked me to satisfy them with was evidence that I am from Abia State. My tax papers were examined and ticked, my certificates were ticked, my age declaration was ticked and the only thing outstanding was a document from my local government showing that I am from Abia State and Umuahia South in particular.