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The Ahlul Bayt Muslim community in Adamawa State yesterday   celebrated the last pilgrimage of prophet Muhammad during which he delivered the epoch-making last sermon on the 18th Zilhajj considered as Eid el-Ghadeer day.

Speaking at the occasion, a Yola based Islamic scholar, Mallam Abubakar Musa, regretted that disunity had been identified as the major factor responsible for the recurring inter-denominational friction and socio-economic, political and educational backwardness of Muslims.

The scholar said unity is a divine injunction from God and therefore an incumbent task before the Ummah.

'Muslims must avoid calling other Muslims unbelievers. Because whoever upholds the five pillars of Islam- Shahada, five daily prayers, Zakat, fasting and Hajj and stands by them is a Muslim,'' he said. He also urged Muslims to be versatile in their research and studies which he said are the surest ways to enhance unity.

Also contributing, Mallam Dahiru Hassan outlined certain points that would ensure unity among Muslims, saying a Muslim shall practice Islam according to his understanding without condemning other people's views and must imbibe the habit of truthfulness without prejudice. He lamented the attitude of some clerics who condemn any faithful who doesn't share their views.

Our correspondent gathered that on the eve of the Eid al-Ghadeer, some faithful engaged in humanitarian activities by assisting the needy and disabled persons.