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By NBF News
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Security of the Nation should be the responsibility of all because the Nigeria Police alone cannot cope. There is need to involve other agencies including the military men who can work hand in hand with the policemen. Although the military is meant to defend any external aggression but there is no such situation now. Rather than stay in barracks, they can also contribute immensely by assisting to allay the fears of Nigerians .

The recent bomb blasts in Abuja, during the Nigerian's Independence Day clearly shows the need for such collaboration. The shake-up in Nigeria Police is not the best solution. The shake-up in the rank and file of the Nigeria Police would not solve this problem.

The federal government must adopt a pragmatic solution to the increasing insecurity in the country by involving the Nigerian Army to assist the police. The involvement of military will instill fear into among the criminals.

The image of police has been so bettered that Nigerians look at them as beggars on our roads.

Again the ratio of police to 150million Nigerians did not conform with the United Nations recommendation that a policeman should oversee not more than 10 Nigerians. So, if the military and other Para military men assist the police, particularly in our major cities the activities of these dare devils criminals would be curbed.

•Ajao writes from
Railway Crossing,
Fagba, Lagos.