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The General Overseer of the Christ Apostolic Church, Lion of Judah, Prophet Elijah Olufemi Akinade, on Friday, warned the Nigerian political class against securing power at all costs in the 2011 general election.

He also called for concerted prayer for whoever becomes the next President not to be 'overthrown by invading foreign mercenaries shortly after he is sworn in.'

At a special prayer session in Lagos to mark the 50th anniversary of Nigeria, the cleric said such people might win the seat only to die shortly afterwards.

'While I was praying towards this event, the Lord told me very clearly that I should warn politicians in this country not to secure any position by force; if they do, they might be sworn in the afternoon but they die before day break. That is what God said and He warns that those who wants to hold office for personal enrichment should also be ready for the wrath that will befall them,' the prophet said.

Akinade while maintaining that poor leadership and lack of the fear of God has been the bane of Nigeria over the last 50 years noted, 'God is prepared to visit this country afresh and all those things that represents pests would be destroyed.'

The cleric was also unhappy with the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for making 'its internal affair overshadow the affairs of the nation and elevating its constitution above the constitution of the country.'

He chided those advocating for the retention of the Presidency in the north saying that their position runs foul of the constitution of Nigeria.

Akinade said, 'I wonder why some people in the ruling party decided to elevate their own rules and regulation over and above that of the nation. Why are they saying that some people from a particular section of the country should not be allowed to contest when the constitution allows all Nigerians to do so?'

The cleric also asked the congregation to pray against the invasion of the country by foreign mercenaries after the next President had been sworn in.'